NEW! Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask

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Aang!  Hope you’re all having a super-duper week- mine has been quite rosy!

So why has my week been so rosy?  Freshicon sent me their soon-to-be released Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask!  Overnight masks are one of my fave indulgences.  Our skin does it’s most repair work and healing while we sleep, so I like a bit of extra pampering and care during that time.  With it being the tail end of the cold, dry weather, it’s the perfect time to re-evaluate and kick start our skincare regimens, so I was super-excited to try this!

I love it when brands come up with new, innovative ideas with their products.  The problem is that sometimes these things seem a bit gimmicky- but not this one.  Fresh’s sleeping mask is a two-step product with both in one jar- kind of like Pixi’s Double Cleanse.  One step provides a hefty dose of moisture, and the other “locks it in.”

As you may already know if you’ve kept up with us, when I really like a product, I prefer to end on a positive note- and I love this one.  So, I’ll start with the negatives.  First off is the jar packaging- jar packaging results in the ingredients being continuously exposed to light and air, causing degradation (Kauer, Kapila & Agrawal, 2007).  Also, repeatedly dipping one’s fingers into the product results in contamination.

With this particular jar, there is a little cover over the two separate sides- again similar to the Pixi Double Cleanse.  This is a superb idea, in theory, but the two steps are a different consistency than the Pixi products, and if you don’t put the cover on with it aligned exactly, the two sides are going to get mixed.  This is especially an issue if you travel with it, as the jar getting turned over and upside down while being transported will cause the product to get onto the inner cover.  If you only use it at home, though, the products will settle and stay in place.

The jar packaging isn’t a deal-breaker, though.  I usually just transfer products like this into bottles I save.  It would also help if they made the inner cover in two separate pieces, as this would make it easier to use.  One step could remain covered, while using the other step, keeping the two different sides separated.  I must admit, though, that like other Fresh products, the jar is really cute and looks great on my counter!

Now that the negatives are out of the way, let’s move on to why this stuff rocks!!!  The first step is a cooling gel essence that helps replenish moisture.  The essence contains rosewater to comfort the skin, rosa damascena flower extract to smooth, and hyaluronic acid to plump and add suppleness.  The second step is a water-cream mask that locks in hydration with evening primrose root extract and time-released liquid “patches.”

To use the Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask, cleanse your skin as normal, and follow with your toner, serum, etc., and use the mask as your last step in your night time skincare routine.  Apply step one, let it absorb for a few seconds, then apply step two, then time for sweet dreams!

For those who are sensitive to fragrance and find rose skincare a bit too strong, you have no worries here!  Both steps are very fresh, and very light, no fake overly strong rose scent.  The first step absorbs super easily, even on my oily skin.  I can’t believe how soft and smooth my skin was after just using this first step-I honestly didn’t even want to use the second…lol.  The second step had a texture similar to the Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream, but this left kind of a moisture “film” on my skin, if that makes sense.  Not a greasiness or anything like that, and nothing sticky or unpleasant- I could just tell that there was something lightly hydrating, so it did a great job of locking in moisture as claimed.

In addition to being oily, I have hypersensitive skin from using tretinoin, but I experienced zero irritation or problems.  While these formulas are super-duper hydrating, there was no greasy or heavy feeling at all.  When I woke up and washed my face, I was left with incredibly soft, smooth, hydrated skin.  I can already tell this is will be a go-to this summer after long days in the sun!

The Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask will be available April 9, so RUN, don’t walk, to Sephora or Fresh and get it!  Your skin will thank you in the morning! (P.S. it goes great with the Fresh Soy cleanser, Rose toner,  and Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream! 😉 )

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