New Feral Ultra-Smooth Lipsticks are the Bomb!

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Watch out, Kat Von D! Omg, you guys, I haven’t been this excited about a lipstick brand in a long time! I am so pleased to be able to tell you about Feral Cosmetics Ultra Smooth Lipstick!  Don’t forget to check out our short video at the bottom for more deets!

Feral Cosmetics, a newly established brand for 2016, believes each person should feel and look how they love themselves. Some want to feel free and sexy, while others want to look and feel young and bold. As a result, the brand’s products have been designed with diversity in mind.

It’s also important to note that Feral Cosmetics also cares for our environment as well as people. Each product is made from cruelty-free vegan ingredients. Additionally, the lipstick packaging has magnetic lids to provide a secure closure and help reduce waste.

Feral 4

The magnetic closure is awesome- it’s like the Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope and Silver Screen packaging, but at a much lower price! I like that I can toss these into my bag, and not have to worry about the lid falling off and lipstick getting everywhere. Plus, the cases look really sleek!

Feral 5

As the brand is new, there are only four shades available right now. Even so, those shades still reflect the diversity of the brand very well. Envy is a classic red, Euphoric is a lavender-ish pink, Fetish is a bold coral, and Rapture is a deep wine berry. Each shade is simply stunning, well thought out, and extremely pigmented.

Feral Lipstick Swatches

L to R: Envy, Euphoric, Rapture, Fetish

Strangely enough, my favorite shade of the four is Fetish. If you’ve been keeping up with this blog, you know I hate fuschias, hot pinks, etc. Finally, there is a bold, bright shade that I like LOVE! This is more of a coral than a pink, and I really want to wear this EVERY day! It goes on easily, and wears very well. This is perfect for summer, but I’ll probably wear it year-round since I’m so obsessed with it!

Feral Fetish 2

Wearing Feral Cosmetics Ultra-Smooth Lipstick in Fetish

Euphoric is another bright, fun color. As a fan of Kat Von D’s Studded Kiss in Coven and the liquid shade Requiem, I was very happy to see this shade. It looks a bit more dramatic on me right now because my skin is darker; it will look less bold in the winter. This shade does have a bit of drag and goes on less smoothly than the others, but that’s to be expected since it’s such a light color with a LOT of pigment. However, it still goes on a lot more smoothly than the Kat Von D Studded Kiss in Coven. It’s more comfortable to wear, too!

Feral Euphoric 1

Wearing Feral Cosmetics Ultra-Smooth Lipstick in Euphoric

I wish I’d waited to post about red lipsticks (see this post), because Feral’s Envy definitely would have made the cut! This is a great, all-purpose red, very versatile, and the undertones make it perfect for almost any skin tone. I wore this all day without a liner, and it never feathered or bled. Another great thing about this red is that it didn’t make my teeth look yellow.

feral envy 1

Wearing Feral Cosmetics Ultra-Smooth Lipstick in Envy

Rapture is a stunning deep shade, perfect for fall. One thing I’ve found with deep shades like this is that the often go on patchy- not so with Feral’s Rapture! This went on SO smoothly and evenly, and again, I tried it without liner, and didn’t experience any feathering. Out of all four shades, this is the one that transferred the most when I had something to drink. But, I’m okay with that since it’s silky, not matte, and it’s a deep shade.

feral rapture 1

Wearing Feral Cosmetics Ultra-Smooth Lipstick in Rapture

Overall, I’m very impressed with the Feral Cosmetics Ultra Smooth Lipsticks. The formula is silky, smooth, and wears very comfortably. They’re pigmented enough that they’re completely opaque without having to apply multiple coats. Another thing I like is that they’re not drying, so they’re a welcome change from all those super-matte formulas out there.

The only negative is that there are only four colors available right now, but I can’t be sad, because these colors are AMAZING and I want to wear them nonstop! Hopefully as the brand becomes more popular, they’ll add more shades. (Hint, hint… go buy some… 😉 )

Feral Cosmetics Ultra Smooth Lipsticks retails for $18 each. They’re available from  Don’t forget to check out the video below!

If you don’t see a YouTube video above, click here.