NEW! CoverGirl Clean Fresh Vegan & Clean Makeup

Kalhwa’7alap-hello everyone!!!!

Hope you’ve all been having a fantabulous February!  Things have been hectic around here- I’m SO ready for things to slow down, and for the rain to STOP!  We’re not supposed to complain about the weather, and I have no problem running in the rain, or SLEEPING in the rain…lol.  But… we’ve got so many things we still have yet to do from recovering from our flooded house (read about it here), and we can’t do it when it’s raining.  So, I’m hoping the ancestors will forgive my wish for less precipitation!

Anywho, I was absolutely delighted when CoverGirl sent me their new Clean Fresh line of clean and vegan makeup!  Not only are the Clean Fresh products in line with the more socially conscious values of the modern generation, but they’re perfect for a no-makeup look.  This REALLY excited me because, as much as I LOVE doing a full face glam look and “playing” in makeup, I’m not a high maintenance person.  I’m too busy to take the time to do a full face on the daily, and my focus is on skincare.  So when a brand sends products that are quick and easy, that I can use in a matter of minutes to look more polished yet natural, count me IN!

The CoverGirl Clean Fresh lineup includes Skin Milk Foundation, Cooling Glow Stick, Tinted Lip Oil, and Cream Blush.  All products are cruelty-free and Leaping Bunny approved, made with clean ingredients free of harsh chemicals, and the foundation and blush are vegan.  One of the best things, perhaps, is the price point- all are less than $10, which is fantastic considering the quality of the formulations.

Clean Fresh Skin Milk Nourishing Foundation

This foundation is formulated with coconut milk (LOVE!!!!!), and provides a light, dewy finish that purportedly lasts all day- especially when used with one of the brand’s TruBlend primers.  There are 14 shades, so there aren’t as many as some of their other foundation formulas, but due to the light coverage, the info sheet included in my package says they should work for 99% of skin tones.

CoverGirl Clean Fresh Skin Milk Foundation in Medium

I’m not going to lie, I’m not big on dewy finishes.  I’ve never been a fan of anything with the word “dewy” or “glow,” with the exception of highlighters.  Maybe it’s just the pimple-faced teenager in me remembering my adolescence?  However, with the ingredient list, I couldn’t wait to get this stuff on my face!

Despite being light, the formula was buildable to almost a medium coverage, without looking cakey.  I first tried this without a primer, then with, and definitely got better wear with the green TruBlend primer.  But even without the primer, I still didn’t look terrible at the end of the day- just a bit shinier than I would like…lol.  I like that this felt really light, blended seamlessly, and looked very natural.  Plus, being a skincare fanatic, I love that it contains skin-loving ingredients.

Clean Fresh Cream Blush

Cream blushes tend to scare me as they’re either really awesome, or really terrible on my skin.  Some of them are too heavy and just slide around on my cheeks, never really “setting.”  But, when I find a good one, I love that they don’t tend to oxidize as much as powder formulas.  As expected, CoverGirl’s Clean Fresh Cream Blush is one of the good great ones!

CoverGirl Clean Fresh Cream Blush in Flushed

There are 4 beautiful high-pigment shades that are formulated with hyaluronic acid to help “plump” cheeks and leave a fresh dewy glow.  I just put a bit on my finger tips, then rubbed them with the finger tips on my other hand, dabbed and blended onto my cheeks.  Start out with a tiny bit, then build up.

I found that the formula is really easy to blend, is buildable, not greasy, and lasts all day without oxidizing.  I’m hoping it will perform the same in the summer heat and humidity of Louisiana- with it being light weight, I have high hopes that it will!

Clean Fresh Cooling Glow Stick

Highlighters are my fave way to get glowing- since I don’t usually like an all-over “glow;” and highlighters allow me to add a touch of glow exactly where I want.  This vegan Glow Stick comes in 4 shimmery shades that instantly cool and leave a radiant glow.

CoverGirl Clean Fresh Cooling Glow Stick in So Gilty

To be honest, I didn’t really notice the “cooling” effect at first, but I only use highlighter on a very small area, just above my cheek bones.  I decided to swipe a bit onto my eyelids so I’d look more “awake” (I have horrible allergies that make my eyes look tired), and noticed a slight cooling there.  However, I’ll likely swipe my finger onto the stick, then apply that way next time I use it on my eyelids.

Strangely enough, since it was an afterthought to use on my eyelids, I didn’t use a primer, and I thought for sure it would crease- but it didn’t!  Although, I did only use a very small amount- if I decide to use more, or apply more than one layer, I’ll likely use a primer to prevent any creasing.

The Glow Stick provided just the right amount of shimmer to be “fun,” while still being “grown up.”  I have a few other highlighter sticks that I absolutely LOVE, but the size of the CoverGirl Clean Fresh Cooling Glow Sticks make them perfect for travel, so these will be my go-to for stashing in my handbag!

Clean Fresh Tinted Lip Oil

CoverGirl Clean Fresh Tinted Lip Oils are formulated with coconut and pomegranate oils as well as Vitamin E to keep lips smooth, soft, and conditioned for up to six hours.  They can be worn alone, or over lipstick, so they’re very versatile.

CoverGirl Clean Fresh Tinted Lip Oil in Swipe Ripe

Despite being in a humid climate, my lips tend to stay dry and flaky, so I was REALLY excited about these!  Lipsticks are probably my fave color makeup product, and I like bold reds, but it’s so time-consuming to apply them.  For every-day wear, I usually select balms or tints, so these are PERFECT.

The oil-based formula is awesome because it’s NOT STICKY like a gloss, yet still very hydrating.  I also like that the bit of color helps hide dryness and flakiness…lol!  Plus, since they’re not heavily pigmented, application is a breeze as it’s a very “forgiving” formula.  My lips are left soft and moisturized without feeling sticky or greasy.

Wearing new CoverGirl Clean Fresh makeup

I’m absolutely over-the-moon with the new CoverGirl Clean Fresh products- they’re all very versatile, wearable, user-friendly, and natural looking.  As they can all be applied with my fingers, I can look a bit more put-together in mere moments.  Since the ingredients are clean and skin-loving, I won’t feel guilty wearing them regularly.  They will absolutely be in my stash of “regular use” products!  More info at