Mercedes-Benz Rose Eau de Toilette from Fragrance Market

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Omg, you guys! I got a new Mercedes!

Well, sort of… I did actually get the Mercedes-Benz Rose Eau de Toilette from Fragrance Market! I didn’t even know Mercedes-Benz had fragrances, but apparently they do, and you can get it at Is this not just stupendously wonderful?

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Fragrance Market is the newest distributor to join the online “scent-scene,” and they’ve just launched a brand-new website that carries over 3,000 brand names of fragrances, skincare, makeup, and haircare, all at substantially discounted prices. Pretty nifty, right?

When I checked out the website, I was floored by the variety of products they had, at such fab prices. This is truly a beauty-lover’s paradise! It’s really cool because when you’re looking at an item, it will also show other items you may be interested in- gift sets, perfumes, makeup, bath and body stuff, you name it!

Another thing that’s really awesome is that when I went to the site, there was a pop-up that offered a discount just for entering my email address. This discount is on top of their already low prices, which are up to 80% off retail. Heck yes!

I was able to easily locate the Mercedes-Benz Rose Eau de Toilette, which retails for $87.00. Checkout was an easy and user-friendly process. You get free shipping with a minimum order, and even if you don’t get that minimum, shipping is relatively low for the type of products- considering fragrances and beauty products can tend to be pretty hefty items.

If you don’t get free shipping, there is an estimator, along with various options available. So, you can get quicker shipping if you need an item faster. So, those of you who wait until the last minute to purchase a Mother’s Day present need not worry…lol!

Shipping and service was fantastic and the communication was great. I will admit, though, that I was a bit confused because for some reason, I was getting private messages through Facebook instead of my email, although I’m not sure why. I don’t recall entering any Facebook info, so maybe this was because I had the Facebook app open, or maybe I clicked on a Facebook button accidentally. I uninstalled Messenger a long time ago because it was annoying, so I couldn’t actually access these messages.

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I do appreciate the communication from Fragrance Market through every step of the way. If they could just send it to my email rather than Facebook, then it would be perfect! My order only took a few days to arrive, even with just regular shipping.

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The Mercedes-Benz Rose was packaged securely in a cardboard box with sufficient packing material to keep it safe. There was also a discount card included for my next purchase, which is awesome because I’m sure I’ll order again after the quick, efficient service I received. The fragrance itself was in silver wrapping with a big, royal blue (my favorite color) bow, so it seemed like I had received gift- a very nice touch!

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The Mercedes-Benz Rose fragrance itself is pretty awesome. It’s housed in a sleek, attractive bottle that looks pretty fancy-schmancy on my dresser. It has a smell that’s light and refreshing- to me, it’s more fruity than floral. I pick up more of a citrus scent than rose, and then the rose comes out more once I’ve had it on for a few minutes. Overall, a very nice fragrance for summer.

So, if you need a fragrance or beauty product for yourself, or for someone else, be sure to check out first, chances are you’ll find the price to be lower than elsewhere, and the service is unbeatable!

If you don’t get the pop-up, or if you have a pop-up blocker installed, not to worry, you can still get a discount by using code 10OFFBEST at checkout.