Melt Cosmetics Four Twenty Eyeshadow Palette

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Aang aang- hello!  Hope you’re all safe and well!

I’ve been neglectful and haven’t posted much lately- I don’t qualify for unemployment and Jerry is furloughed, and I’ve been working nonstop, literally every waking moment.  I haven’t had any time for myself.  In other words, that break I’ve been desperately needing?  (Read about it here and here.)  Yeah, well, it still hasn’t happened yet.  But… at least I’m safe, my loved ones are safe, and hopefully it stays that way!

I got stung by a bee while mowing yesterday, so dozing on and off from the meds (I’m allergic to stings) took up any extra time I may have had, and now it’s raining, so I can’t finish mowing.  But, we kind of saw that as Creator giving me permission to take some much-needed time for myself.  I tried out a few new makeup goodies that came in, and we went to a new coffee shop here in town- Storybrew Cafe.  (It was the bomb- I’ll tell ya about it later!)

So, Melt Cosmetics has a new eyeshadow palette- the Four Twenty palette.  The palette will be available at tomorrow, May 17.  The box is metallic gold-tone, and the palette case has a lenticular “shatter” print.  It’s really eye-catching!  While I love CBD, I’m not really into “weed culture,” as I don’t like to feel altered- but I know quite a few people who get positive benefits, and was told that “shatter” is a pure form of cannabis.  Well, let me just say the name fits these shadows!

The colors are Shotgun, Faded, Chronic, Roll It, Dank, Blunt, Shatter, Wax, Full Melt, and Hash (left to right in the swatches on my arm).

I cannot believe I’ve never tried any Melt eyeshadows!!!  Seriously!  If they’re all anything like these, then they’re definitely a “concentrated” formula.  I barely touched my brush to the pan, and it was a HUGE pigment pay-off.  The colors I used below are a base of Hash, Roll It in my creases blended with Chronic and Dank, then Faded and Wax, with Shatter on the centers of my lids.

The shades are very blendable, but I didn’t really blend much as I wanted to show the pigmentation.  In hindsight, I should’ve blended a bit prior to washing my face and took a few more pics… but I guess hindsight is 20/20 and I my brain hasn’t been acting right lately…lol.

The colors are GORGEOUS, and the formula is buttery soft and extremely pigmented.  I love that there are plenty of neutrals for everyday looks, and some gorgeous, fun greens for a pop of modern color.  I haven’t been wearing a lot of makeup lately as we’re self-isolating due to us both being high risk for The Virus.  BUT… I must say, I’ll likely be wearing makeup around the house quite a bit now because this palette is just So. Much. Fun.  Definitely a new HG palette for me!

Have you tried any Melt shadows?  I really want to try more to see if they’re this awesome- I’m also interested in their highlighters- they look fab!

Four Twenty palette available tomorrow at, also available directly from!

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