Lovusion Luxury Boxes are Perfect for Valentine’s Day

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Can you believe it’s almost Valentine’s Day already? Man, oh man, time just seems to fly by!

Having been a floral designer for several flower shops, I know just how popular a flower arrangement is for Valentine’s Day.  I also know that many women (and men) are tired of the cliché-ness of a bouquet of flowers.  As beautiful as they may be, it’s just such a predictable gift.  This is just one of those holidays where it’s difficult to find something unique.  The holidays also calls for romance in most cases, but it’s somewhat limited as to what’s available at a reasonable price.  Nobody really wants a chainsaw for Valentine’s Day, right?  (Well, except for a few people, like me…lol)

Well, I got this really awesome box in the mail from a company called Lovusion.  With the popularity of subscription boxes, and curated gift sets, this is sure to please the recipient.  Lovusion set out to create something beyond a bouquet to “make sure men have a way to stay on their ladies heart and mind long past the life span of a typical dozen roses.”

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A Lovusion representative made sure to let me know, though, that isn’t the only target customer- their boxes are perfectly appropriate for anyone to give to anybody who would appreciate the contents.  Want something to pamper your mother, daughter or sister?  Does your brother or boyfriend like luxurious candles and wine?  Lovusion makes it convenient to gift someone with a spectacular assortment of luxurious items.

Lovusion Box 2

Lovusion offers three choices of boxes: Blue, Gold, and Black.  Each contains handmade soaps, bath bombs, bath salts, and candles.  Additionally, the Blue contains a single rose, the Gold has a bottle of wine and two wine glasses, and the Black has a dozen roses.  I received the Blue box, which is their most economical option, but still contains the same high-quality items.

Lovusion Box 4

When the box came, let me just say I was flabbergasted at how enormous this thing was!  I knew there were some fragile items, so at first, I thought it would be a lot of packing material.  Wrong!  The box was wrapped in a couple layers of bubble wrap, but for the most part was the same size as the shipping box.

Lovusion Box 6 Lovusion Box 7

I opened the shipping box, and inside was an elegant envelope with a wax seal.  Very impressive!  Inside the envelope was a card that listed the contents.  The Lovusion Blue box contains three bath bombs (Mistletoe, Crazy Love, Snickerdoodle), three packages of bath salts (Almond Coconut, Lavender, Summer Citrus), one Pina Colada milk bath, three handmade soaps (Cotton Fields, Cherry Almond, Gobi Gold), and a single red rose- yes, a real rose.  There were also four candles (two cranberry and two blueberry pie), as well as two Ghirardelli chocolates tucked inside.

Lovusion Box 10

The box was made so well that excessive packing material was not needed.  The sections kept the products secure, and there was foam with a cut-out for the rose.  As a florist, I can say the rose was properly prepared with a wire and water tube, and was still firm.  Everything arrived in perfect condition!

Lovusion Box 9

First off, the chocolates.  They didn’t last long- and you’re lucky they even lasted long enough to take a pic…lol!  I was a bit confused that there was a “Mistletoe” bath bomb and it’s not Christmas, but the idea here is romance, right?  And while all the bath bombs smell awesome, the Mistletoe was actually my fave.

Lovusion Box 13

The bath salts and milk bath were great- very relaxing and made me feel pampered.  I love that there’s a variety rather than just one scent, makes bath time a bit more exciting!

Lovusion Box 12

The candles are in actual branded Mason jars, and smell great, the Cranberry Smash is my fave.  They also burn very cleanly, they’re not overly smoky.

Lovusion Box 15

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, then you probably know that handmade artisan soaps are one my guilty pleasures, so of course, I was delighted that there are three in box.  While they all smell wonderful, I can’t seem to get enough of the Gobi Gold!

Lovusion Box 14

Perhaps the thing I’m most impressed with, in addition to lightning fast shipping, is the quality of the items included.  So many gift boxes contain inferior quality items, as it’s all about quantity and “cuteness.”  That’s not the case with Lovusion, I’m very happy with every single item!

Ladies (and gentlemen), if you’re tired of getting the same stuff year after year for Valentine’s Day (or just because), then you should definitely “drop some hints” about the Lovusion boxes.  Maybe leave the computer on with the website up?  😉

Be sure to check out Lovusion.com for more info and to check out the other boxes available!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

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