Loving Bamboo Eau de Parfum from Fragrance Outlet!

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I know of quite a few online fragrance stores, but had never known a lot about Fragrance Outlet. I’d heard of them, but never placed an order. I LOVE fragrance, so when I got the opportunity to go through the ordering process for a bottle of Franck Olivier’s Bamboo Eau de Parfum, I was pretty anxious to try them out!

The process of ordering was very easy, and the site is user friendly and easy to navigate. They also tell you about various coupon codes you can use, so the already low prices will be reduced even further. I added the Bamboo to my cart, went to the checkout, and typed in my coupon code. It then asks for payment and delivery information, and voila!

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Within moments, I had a confirmation email, and got another email the next day (I ordered late at night) saying my order had shipped, along with the tracking number. Delivery took about three days to my location, so it was FAST, and that was for regular shipping. I didn’t even have to check my mail, because I got another email stating my order had been delivered. These people are efficient!

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My order was well-packaged, and the outer box was a decent size and sturdy. When I opened it up, there was plenty of packing material, and when I lifted off the first layer, there was a coupon, along with a little bag of fragrance samples. Then, there was a white box with a ribbon around it (gift wrapping is available), so it really made me feel special! The white box contained tissue paper and my Bamboo.

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The neat thing about Fragrance Outlet is that not only do they carry a wide variety of designer fragrances, well-known and niche, but they also have a selection of in-house exclusives. If you’re like me, I’ve sometimes found that “exclusive” can be synonymous with “generic” or “cheap.” NOT so with Fragrance Outlet!

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Upon doing a search for Franck Olivier’s Bamboo Eau de Parfum, I found the brand available in several high-end locations, and read quite a few reviews. Franck Olivier is a reputable French perfumer, with some very luxurious scents to his name. There are versions of Bamboo available elsewhere, but I was only able to find this gorgeous pink version, for a special price, at Fragrance Outlet.

Bamboo 6

Franck Olivier Bamboo Eau de Parfum

As for the fragrance itself, to be honest, I didn’t really like it at first. As a child, many of the fragrances I got at the dime store all had the same note- one I later on equated with “cheap” or “old-fashioned.” So, I tended to stay away from this type of scent.

As I got older, I learned that this particular fragrance note was lily. This was strange, because I used to work as a floral designer and LOVE the smell of lilies, especially the fragrant Casablancas and Stargazers. No wonder people say these flowers smell “perfumey!” Nevertheless, despite my love for the scent of the flowers, I didn’t like it in perfumes. However, once I put the two together, I started to appreciate fragrances with lily notes more.

Although this fragrance is called “Bamboo,” it opens with an overwhelming lily scent. Once it starts to dry down, though, it really smells just beautiful- fresh and summery. The sillage is fairly strong at first, then almost non-existent, so it won’t irritate people around you who are sensitive.

The only negative with my whole experience (the ordering process, the company, and the fragrance itself) is that the fragrance isn’t very long-lasting on my skin. This doesn’t bother me, though, because during the hot summer months (which this scent is perfect for), I don’t mind having to re-apply, the mist is quite refreshing…lol! Also, if you want it to last longer, I’ve found that putting on some petroleum jelly or body oil on my skin prior to applying helps a lot.

Overall, my experience with Fragrance Outlet was absolutely superb; they have very efficient customer service, and an easy to use website. I would definitely order from them again, possibly to get full-sized versions of the samples they included. As for the Bamboo, I find myself reaching for it quite a bit- it’s a very uplifting, comforting scent.

For more information, or to peruse the huge variety Fragrance Outlet has to offer, check out fragranceoutlet.com.  You’ll be glad you did!