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Thankfully, I don’t have a huge gray hair problem- yet.  I have a few areas that are starting to lose pigment, but since it’s so confined right now, I remain lazy when it comes to coloring my hair.  Much to my hairdresser’s dismay (sorry, Ashlea), I don’t get it done as much as I should!

Being so lazy, when I got the opportunity to try out a root cover spray from L’Oreal, I was pretty excited!  Then, as I remembered back to the colored hair sprays I used at Halloween, I started to worry.  Would it be messy?  Would it look natural?  Would it flake away?

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L’Oreal Root Cover Up is purported to conceal gray in seconds, resulting in flawless roots.  The company claims coverage from the ammonia and peroxide free formula is seamless, lightweight, smudge-free, and has no sticky residue when dry.

Loreal Root Cover 2

As it turns out, my worries were unfounded.  The spray is a fantastic product!  L’Oreal Root Cover Up is housed in a convenient spray can with a nozzle that allows you to direct the spray to specific areas, without it getting everywhere.   You can press lightly for a little spray, or harder for more spray, so it’s easy to control.

Loreal Root Cover Before


It covers well, is easy to use, and it truly does last until I shampoo my hair again.  There was no strong odor, and I could easily comb or brush through the areas I sprayed.

Loreal Root Cover After


The only negatives are that it does leave a bit of a residue, similar to strong holding hair sprays; and there are only six shades, so there wasn’t one that was perfect for my hair.  I color my hair a deep mahogany, kind of a dark burgundy-ish brown, and the closest shade they had was dark brown.  It did the job, though, and although it wasn’t a great match, it was definitely an improvement!

Overall, L’Oreal Root Cover Up is a great product, and I’ll definitely keep using it.  Plus, the price is nice at just around $10 a can!



  1. Opps, sorry, I just realized I responded in my last comment as if you were the Reed hair color company; I forgot you were doing a review. How embarrassing. lol. Anyway, after I sent my question, I saw your review on Loreal gray hair coverage. Great info; think I will try it. Thanks so much; glad I found your site. Best wishes.

    • Lol!!! No problem- and please don’t be embarrassed, I’ve done the exact same thing… glad I’m not the only one…lol! I’ve used both the permanent and semi-permanent, so has Jerry. I have a little gray, he’s almost all gray, and the semi-permanent covers, but just looks like highlights. The permanent covers the gray on both of us- just leave it on a bit longer. 🙂

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