Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo


I got this travel size dry shampoo in my November Birchbox.  My hubby uses dry shampoo three or four days a week, so I gave this to him to try out.

When I told Jerry I wanted him to try this, he was very skeptical after having had a horrific experience with the Perfect Hair Day Shampoo and Conditioner.  Although his hair is oily, it’s also colored, so he doesn’t wash it every day.  When he heard that the PHD products would keep your hair cleaner for a longer period of time, he wanted to try them.

After using the shampoo and conditioner once, he said his hair felt like straw.  The bottles said, though, that your hair would get better with continued use.  No such luck.  After using these products for over a month, his hair kept getting worse.  When he used the PHD Styling Cream, it was only slightly better.

Jerry was convinced that the reason it supposedly made your hair stay cleaner longer was because it was so dry that no dirt would stick to it…lol!  When he became so frustrated that he actually wanted to contact Living Proof, I decided I would give it a shot.  Nope.  It made my hair dry, too!  This was REALLY weird, since we know people who LOVE it.

We really wanted to like the PHD products as we had heard such great things.  Then, when Karen at MakeupAndBeautyBlog raved about the dry shampoo, I became more curious.  So, I was excited when it showed up in my Birchbox.

I’ll just say, Karen was right, and Living Proof has redeemed themselves with the dry shampoo.  It worked as promised, and soaked up all the oil and dirt- I guess that’s actually a GOOD thing with dry shampoo!  I would actually consider purchasing this!

Have you tried any of the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day products?  What did you think?  Scroll down to comment below!




  1. I’ve tried so many dry shampoo sprays and they all seem to leave white residue behind.

    • Hi Julia! I’ve had that happen, too! This one wasn’t too bad, though, just make sure to keep the spray moving, and at a reasonable distance 🙂

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