Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope Lipsticks

Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope lipsticks are, without a doubt, my absolute favorite. Ever. These are one of my most guilty pleasures. You can see in the photos how dinged up they’ve gotten- I take them everywhere. But, I assure you, they still look fabulous on my vanity!

According to the company’s website, this is pure luxury and glamour for your lips (truth). They pioneered a new silicone elastomer that allows the formula to be light as a feather, but still provide comfortable intensity and matte drama. These lipsticks glide weightlessly and impart intense color, with just a single application. Vitamin E and apricot oil help keep lips supple and moisturized, and peppermint oil adds a very subtle scent.

The Velvet Rope collection is available in five shades: Entourage (The Richest Wine), Private Party (The Hottest Pink), Brat Pack (The True Red), Star System (The Ultimate Nude), and Black Tie (The Deepest Red). Star Power, the only metallic shade, is available exclusively at Barney’s.

I have this in Entourage, Star System, and Brat Pack. I wear Star System the most, because it is so versatile and suitable for any look. I use Brat Pack for a classy look; and Entourage when I want more drama. These marvels have stellar wear time, especially for me. My lips stay dried out, and I constantly have to exfoliate and moisturize. Usually, matte lipsticks tend to dry my lips out even more, resulting in the need to remove it and exfoliate yet again. Not so with these. I get several hours, and my lips do not get dry or flaky. I am always drinking something, so that’s really the only reason these don’t wear longer. But, I don’t mind. I love the way they feel, and reapplying is an absolutely joyful experience.

Please, Poppy, make more of these. In lots of shades. I will buy them.

Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope lipstick retails for $50.00.

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