Lipstick Queen Silver Screen in “Stella”

If I had to pick a lipstick woman crush, it would be Poppy King, the brilliant beauty behind Lipstick Queen.  According to the company’s website, the Silver Screen formula was inspired by the old-time glamour of the silver screen.  These marvels are color-rich, have a wet look, are ultra-moisturizing, and feel smooth as silk on your lips.  Despite the silkiness and moisture, they are packed full of pigment.  This groundbreaking formula contains pomegranate sterols and antioxidant vitamins E and A.

I am no newcomer to Lipstick Queen lipsticks, owning a plethora of these heavenly sticks, included several tubes of the Velvet Rope.  None have ever disappointed me.  As soon as I saw these in the store, I just had to have Stella, a vivid purple with a “flash of shimmering turquoise.”  This color is so fabulous, I have actually found myself picking my outfits and other makeup around wearing this shade!

The Velvet Rope and Silver Screen formulas are truly revolutionary.  No other lipstick has ever felt so silky and light- like bare lips, only smoother!  There is ZERO drag, and only a single swipe is needed to lay down some serious color.  The lipstick is housed in an elegant square silver-tone metal tube, with a magnetic closure.  Even though my case has gotten more than a few dings (it’s a regular in my travel bag), it still looks elegant on my vanity.

Wear time is fantastic, especially for me.  My lips are always dry and peeling, so many formulas dry them out even more.  Even if they don’t, I often find myself having to put lip balm or moisturizer on every couple hours, which is a pain in the a$$ when I’m wearing lipstick.  Not so with this magical wonder stick!  Poppy wasn’t kidding when she said these were moisturizing.  The only downside I can think of is that each tube will set you back 50 bucks.  But, if you have extra money, I assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Lipstick Queen Silver Screen lipstick retails for $50.00.


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