Leophile EEL Wireless IP67 Waterproof Headphones Review

Martin Sundberg Photography - Leophile Lifestyle

Martin Sundberg Photography – Leophile Lifestyle, used with permission from Leophile

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It’s Friday!  And it’s a holiday for some!  Congratulations to those of you who get weekends and holidays off!

If you’ve been keeping up with our site, and/or our Instagram, you likely know that I took up running about a year ago. Actually, it’s pretty much become jogging, because I go very slow- I started doing longer distances so I could build up endurance instead of speed. I feel so much healthier and fit now!

I used to work out just in the gym- and I still do for weights, but not cardio anymore. I used to dread doing cardio, it was just SO boring. No matter how fancy-schmancy the treadmill, it was still always boring. Then I started running outside, and loved it. I’ve worked my way up to doing five miles now each time during the week, and seven to ten miles on Fridays because I have the weekend to recover.

Since our bodies like to maintain homeostasis, I like to “shake things up a bit” to jar my metabolism. Therefore, sometimes I do my weight workout before my run, sometimes after, and sometimes in the middle of the run. Sometimes I’ll even take several breaks and do a set each time, kind of like cross fit.

The only negative about doing most of my exercising outdoors (besides my allergies…lol) is the weather. Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate, and sometimes feels the need to make it rain, despite my need to run. (How dare she…!?!?!)

Actually, in Louisiana, it’s not just “sometimes” that it rains. We have the rainy season, and the really rainy season. Having been in the military, I know running in the rain won’t kill me, and I’ve done it plenty. So, I keep on- I’d rather get soaking wet then have to go get on the treadmill. (No excuses, can’t skip a run just because of rain!)

I get super sweaty anyway, so it’s not like the rain is going to really matter. I just need to make sure to keep the water out of my eyes, and watch my step so I don’t slip and fall. The other major issue? Music. I HAVE to have music when I run. I can’t begin to count the head phones I’ve gone through. Some have shorted out, some just quit, some got lost, and others got damaged from water. Uggggh…

Leophile Closeup

Photo from Leophile

So, I was so, so, so, so excited to partner with Leophile to test out their EEL Wireless Waterproof IP67 headphones! This is like my dream come true! Waterproof, and made for sports, so this is exactly what I’ve been needing!

Leophile Water

Photo from Leophile

You can wear these in the rain, you can wear them while surfing, anything with high-velocity water. Heck, you can even wear ‘em in the shower! The soft silicone design easily fits varying neck sizes, and conforms to your body comfortably. With the wire clip, the headphones are secure, so you can wear them skateboarding, rock climbing, and my nephew will be happy to know- even for parkour! To top it off, the band is flexible and can be bent into all sorts of shapes, and even fit into your pocket.

Leophile EEL JW 1

First off, the Leophile EEL headphones are packaged in a sleek box with a magnetic closure. When I did the unboxing (see our video here), they really seemed high-end, you’d never guess they were actually reasonably priced!

Leophile EEL JW 2

For those of you who are “technies,” the Leophile EEL IP67 headphones support Bluetooth 4.1, have up to a 10 hour music/active time, 300 hour standby time, all on just a 1.5 hour charge. Although most users of Bluetooth headphones have their paired device on their person, the range is quite vast- on my last run, I left my iPod on the table by the door, and made it past the neighbor’s house before I even noticed…lol!

I’ve used the Leophile EEL headphones while running, and I even tested them out in the shower…lol! (No problems with the water, by the way.) They’re easy to pair and use- there are three buttons, up, down, and a multi-use button in the center. The up/down buttons are also used to answer calls if you pair with a phone. The center button is used to power the headphones on and off, as well as to pair.

Leophile EEL me 1

The earpieces fit snugly in my ears, and there are extra tips included so you can get a custom fit that’s right for you. With the neck piece being silicone, I really did forget it was there, I didn’t even notice it after a few minutes of running.

As for the sound- these don’t have as much bass as my SOL headphones, but those are not wireless. My hubby, the musician and techie, told me that wireless headphones in general don’t have as much bass, and he made a few adjustments to the EQ and showed me that it could get very close to bass-heavy headphones.

However, I had him put the settings back to the way they were because I liked the balance. I would say the one negative about my SOL and Beats headphones is that there’s too much bass. The sound was very clear, and I had Jerry put them on and turn them up- I didn’t notice any “leaking” of sound until he turned the volume up almost all the way.

So, anywho, it’s getting late, and I’m headed off to bed. Skipping the wine tonight, as I have a 7 mile (minimum) run tomorrow. Thankfully, I have my Leophile EEL headphones to get me through. Check ‘em out at Amazon.

If you don’t see a YouTube video above, click here.


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