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Kerastase Chronologiste The Gommage 1

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It’s FRIDAY!!!!  And OMG, I “discovered” the most awesomest hair product EVER!!!

I was going to review the new Reflection shampoo formula from Kerastase, the Bain Chromatique Richeicon, but I was reading about this “Gommage” stuff, and it looked amazing.  So, what exactly is it?

The Gommage from the brand’s Chronologiste line is an exfoliating, purifying scalp and fiber treatment made for all hair types.  I had been interested in a similar scalp exfoliating product from Christophe Robin, but the Kerastase was cheaper, and it also had better ingredients.  The Christophe Robin is made from citrus and salt, which is perfectly fine, but The Gommage ingredients are nothing short of amazing.

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First off, I have long, thick, wavy, dry, color-treated hair.  I’m outside every day, I work out a lot, and do long-distance running almost daily.  I get really sweaty and gross, especially down here in the Louisiana heat and humidity.  I also have idiopathic urticaria, meaning I get hives and itchiness with no known reason.

Anyway, the Kerastase Chronologiste The Gommage is a microfine pre-treat scrub that activates, detoxifies, and stimulates from the scalp all the way to the ends to prep the hair for shampooing and conditioning.  It’s purported to purify and stimulate the scalp and hair fiber via gentle exfoliation, provide deep nourishment and radiant shine, as well as total scalp and hair revitalization with lightweight results (Kerastase, 2017).

The Gommageicon is formulated with abyssine, a powerful and precious molecule that regenerates and detoxifies the scalp, as well as refined apricot seed beads to gently exfoliate and “activate” the scalp (Kerastase, 2017).  Abyssine is a molecule that’s used in skincare to help soothe sensitive, irritated skin (Oldham, Hall, Barnes, Oldham, Cutter, Burns & Kindness, 2014).  The abyssine really excited me because of the urticaria, so I just had to have this stuff!

Kerastase Chronologiste The Gommage 2

The Gommageicon is housed in a squeeze tube with the brand’s latest packaging- a gold-toned cap that’s topped with silver.  The tube is black, and at first I thought gold, but it’s black and clear, the gold is the product itself.  Yes, lovelies, this stuff is sparkly gold!!!!!  And it smells SO good, kind of light and perfumey, similar to the Elixir Ultime line.

To use The Gommage, wet your hair, then massage the fab gold stuff into your scalp and through your hair, then rinse.  I thought at first it might strip my hair of moisture, or damage my color.  But, I was wrong- I had no fading of color, and no moisture loss.  What I did end up with, though, is a very fresh feeling scalp, and hair that was so silky smooth, and NO itchiness!

Kerastase Chronologiste The Gommage is definitely a product I don’t want to be without anymore!  If you want a revitalized scalp and hair, with lightweight shiny silkiness, you NEED this stuff.  The only negative is that it’s a bit pricey at $44.00, but it’s a large tube, and you don’t use it every time you wash your hair (although you can).  Also, when you visit the Kerastase site by clicking hereicon, there’s usually a pop-up that offers a discount for entering your email address, plus you get free samples.  You can also check out other offers by clicking the links below!

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Kérastase Chronologiste Hair Care Revitalizes Hair & Scalp



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