Kat Von D Metal Crush Eyeshadow Review & Swatches

I was really excited when I went into Sephora and Amanda helped me swatch these. The bad news is I ended up wanting even more of them than I did before!

These shadows contain Kat’s proprietary Color-Soaked Concentrate formula, which results in highly pigmented, soft and creamy shadows. Although ten shades were available at the time, there is another shade, Dace, coming soon for a total of eleven. The shades include Paranoid (metallic cobalt), Thunderstruck (metallic pearl), Static Age (metallic silver), Black No. 1 (metallic gunmetal), Danzig (metallic violet), Iggy (mermaid green), Electric Warrior (metallic citron green), Thrasher (metallic gold), Synergy (metallic bronze), Raw Power (metallic mahogany), and Dace (metallic copper).

All the colors were stunningly gorgeous on the display, especially under the bright lights in the store. After swatching, I was most impressed with Paranoid, Electric Warrior, Thrasher, Synergy, and Raw Power. These colors were so pigmented, and extremely easy to apply and blend. The formula was very soft and creamy. Thunderstruck was a little less wonderful, but only slightly.  I was a bit more disappointed with Black No. 1, Static Age, Danzig, and Iggy. While the shades were still beautiful, they weren’t quite as pigmented as the others, nor were they as creamy. Needless to say, even if these lesser performing shades showed up on my doorstep, I would not be disappointed.

Kat Von D Metal Crush eyeshadows retail for $21.00 each for 0.10 oz.

kvdmetalcrush1 kvdmetalcrushdisplay


Swatched on Amanda’s light skin: Top row, l to r: Raw Power, Danzig, Electric Warrior, Iggy, Paranoid. Bottom row, l to r: Thrasher, Synergy, Black No. 1, Static Age, Thunderstruck


Swatched on my medium-tan skin- Top row, l to r: Thunderstruck, Static Age, Black No. 1, Synergy, Thrasher. Bottom row, l to r: Paranoid, Iggy, Electric Warrior, Danzig, Raw Power

All photographs by Jerry Carter.