Kat Von D Metal Crush Eyeshadow in “Doce”


Unfortunately, one of the negatives of having a beauty blog is finding time to write about products before buying more, and getting behind!  So, I only allowed myself to purchase two of the new Kat Von D Metal Crush shadows, and wait to get more until I finish posting about the first ones.  Initially, I was only going to get one, but Jerry insisted I get two (thank you mucho!).

I couldn’t make up my mind between Raw Power and the newly released Doce, so Amanda at the Shreveport Sephora told me that if I were to only get one of the two, I would probably get more use out of Doce.  (This is what I love about establishing a good relationship with people at beauty stores- they learn your habits, likes, dislikes, etc.)  She also pointed out that there is a good dupe for the Raw Power in the Too Faced Chocolate Bar- thank YOU mucho, Amanda!

katvonddoce1 katvonddoce2 katvonddoce3

Let’s get down to business.  When I swatched Doce on my hand, it occurred to me that the shade Urban (purple) from Urban Decay’s Electric Palette would really set it off.  As it turns out, I was right!  Since my skin tone is a bit darker from summer, I needed something to really bring out the gorgeous coppery bronze.  I used Doce on my eyelids, then Urban on my crease and corners, and blended a bit more Doce into the upper part of the crease.  I finished with Gravitron from the Kat Von D Innerstellar palette on my brow bone.  Doce blended so well, even with the other shadows, I wanted to keep putting more on just because I have having so much fun!

katvonddoce4 katvonddoce5 katvonddoce8

This shadow wore very well, it didn’t budge from eyelids at all- but I did use Urban Decay’s original eyeshadow primer.  The swatch on my hand lasted several hours, but would have lasted longer if I hadn’t been using my hands so much!

Have you tried any of the Kat Von D Metal Crush Eyeshadows?  Scroll down to comment below!

Other products used:  Doucce Ultra Precision Eyeliner, Diorshow mascara, Anastasia Brow Powder.



  1. Oh my god I love this color! They didn’t have this last time I went to Sephora so I hope they got it in. Now if only I could paint my crappy Toyota this color!

    • Thanks for your support, Brenna! Isn’t it great? I know the feeling, I wished I could keep on piling it on, it was so easy to use and blend!

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