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Juice Beauty Green Apple Brightening Essence 1

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Omg, omg,, omg, OMG!

Oh my gosh, another fab product from Juice Beauty…?!?!?!  YESSSSSSSSSSSssssssSSSSsssss….!!!!!

Those of you who’ve been keeping up with our blog know that I just can’t get enough of Juice Beauty!  I never really got “into” natural skincare until Juice Beauty.  Their product are not only formulated with natural ingredients, but they contain potent active ingredients.  So, they’re actually effective.

Juice Beauty Future is Bright

I always get excited when they release a new product, because they’re always so well formulated.  Needless to say, I shrieked with delight when I opened up a package from Juice Beauty, and inside was the Age Defy Moisturizericon, Green Apple Peelicon, and two bottles of the brand spankin’ new GREEN APPLE Brightening Essenceicon!  (Oh yeah, and a super-cute cap that I’ve worn constantly…lol!)

This essence was designed for all skin types, for those in their twenties and up.  (Yes, it’s the only Green Apple product designed for sensitive skin!)  It’s effective in addressing discoloration, dark spots, and uneven texture and skin tone (Juice Beauty, 2017).

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GREEN APPLE Brightening Essence contains alkylamides isolated and extracted from the Zanthoxylum fruit, which helps soothe skin and reduce the appearance of redness.  Polysaccharides from tamarind seeds leave a thin veil of moisture.  The formula also reduces the appearance of dark spots, discoloration, and pores, as well as prepares the skin to absorb serum and moisturizer more efficiently (Juice Beauty, 2017).

Juice Beauty Green Apple Brightening Essence 2

Juice Beauty GREEN APPLE Brightening Essence is housed in a lux glass bottle that’s…. get this… shimmery white!  Yes, it has a very subtle shimmer, and my mood is elevated just by looking at it!  Really!  The essence itself is a natural yellowish color, and slightly thicker than water, with a light scent.  The scent is also natural, and quite pleasant.

Juice Beauty Green Apple Brightening Essence 3

I was a bit worried at first, since I have oily/combo skin, that it’s supposed to leave the thin veil of moisture.  But, it’s super thin, not a thick film, and it doesn’t feel greasy or oily.  I’ve found that my serum really does absorb much better with this- kind of similar to how if you apply tretinoin right after washing your face, the moisture left makes it absorb more, and thus more irritating.  But in the case of the Green Apple Brightening Essence, the enhanced absorption of your other products is a good thing.

Juice Beauty Green Apple Brightening Essence 4

The negatives?  I honestly cannot think of any- maybe that it’s not available anywhere in my town…lol?!?!  At least can order anytime, and shipping is super-duper fast!  I’m also super-duper happy with this magical stuff (Juice Beauty has a lot of seemingly magical products), and my skin looks bright, awake, and glowing.

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Juice Beauty (2017). GREEN APPLE Brightening Essence. Juice Beauty. Retrieved July 20, 2017, from

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