A New Fave: Jan Marini C-ESTA Serum

Jan Marini C ESTA Serum 1


Oh. Em. Gee.

That’s right- all I can say is oh my goodness, this stuff is the bomb!  Okay, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s start off again…lol!

If you read our blog, you know I don’t like “gimmicky” skincare ingredients or products.  We started our blog to provide information to help our readers make sense out of all the products on the market- it can be a daunting task!

Jan Marini C ESTA Serum 2

When I come across a brand that utilizes high-quality ingredients that are scientifically-proven to be effective, I get really excited and giddy with delight!   After trying Jan Marini Hyla3D, I was thrilled when the brand sent me their C-ESTA Serum to try- especially given that Vitamin C is one of my fave skincare ingredients.

Plus, you can’t beat the fact that the Jan Marini C-ESTA serum was featured in a peer-reviewed professional journal- it was used in the Journal of Drugs and Dermatology’s Split-Face Vitamin C Consumer Preference Study (Baumann, Duque & Schirripa, 2014).

Jan Marini C-ESTA Serum is appropriate for all skin types.  It’s formulated with Vitamin C and DMAE, which have been shown to reduce the appearance of uneven skin texture, fine lines, and wrinkles.  Additionally, panthenol and hyaluronic acid provide hydration (Jan Marini, 2014).  Given the ingredients and the research behind it, it’s easy to see why there are so many great reviews on this serum.  So, I couldn’t wait to get it onto my skin!

Jan Marini C ESTA Serum 3

Jan Marini C-ESTA Serum is housed in an airless, opaque pump bottle, so the ingredients are protected from degradation by light and air (Kaur, Kapila & Agrawal, 2007).  The packaging is very sleek, and the bottle even looks great sitting on my vanity.

You’re supposed to shake the bottle first, then pump out the serum, which is really easy to dispense either a lot or a little, however much you need.  At first, I was surprised at the consistency- it’s very thin and kind of liquid-y, which I REALLY like.  The consistency results in the serum being easily spread and absorbed VERY quickly.  It also wears really well under other products and makeup, with no greasiness, heaviness, or stickiness.

Jan Marini C ESTA Serum 4

Also, this stuff smells SO amazing- kind of a fruity tropical candy-like scent.  If they made a body lotion or spray with this scent, I would use it.  However, the scent doesn’t last long on my face, so no need to worry if you don’t like scented products.

The Vitamin B5 and hyaluronic acid provide enough moisture that I all I need is this with a sunscreen layered over it during the day.  I only need a separate moisturizer at night when I want extra treatment from active ingredients.  My skin is left smooth, soft and fabulous!

The only negative is that as a higher end serum with quality ingredients, this serum may seem a bit pricey as it retails for $105.  However, it’s actually quite a good value considering it’s very concentrated, with Vitamin C (as ascorbyl palmitate) being second on the ingredient list.  Also, a tiny bit goes a very long way, so the bottle will last a long time.  And since I don’t need to use a separate moisturizer in the morning, I save money.

The final verdict?  This has made it to the top of my list of fave Vitamin C serums.  I like everything about it, and absolutely recommend you give it a shot!  Check it out at JanMarini.com.

Jan Marini C ESTA Serum 5


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