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Hello, everyone!  Hope you’re all swell!

I have idiopathic urticaria, which means I get itchy and break out into hives for no known reason.  Even when I’m not broken out with the big wheals, I still get itchy.  At times, I even end up with dermatographism, and just merely using a fingernail to lightly stroke my skin, it gets raised.  I can “write” on my skin, which is kind of odd.

I’ve taken every antihistamine possible, and the only thing that works really well is hydroxyzine.  Even the tiniest dose will knock me out, as do all antihistamines.  This prevents me from, well, living my life.  So, I’ve always kept copious cans of lidocaine spray around the house for when this happens.  But, when I saw my sister’s lidocaine patches, there was a strict limit on how many could be used in any 24-hour period, as well as how long they could be left on.  This worried me that I could be somehow poisoning myself.

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So, I turned to essential oils as a way of dealing with the itch, naturally.  I decided to do both a coconut oil and a spray.  I usually use monoi or coconut oil when I step out the shower anyway, so I figured this would be a no-brainer.  A spray would also be helpful for random itching throughout the day.

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The first thing you want to do is make sure you get your oils from a reputable company, and get 100% essential oil.  Not just “100% natural” or a “blend with 100%…).  I got a set of six popular oils, 10 ml each, from Art Naturals for about $12.  I also got a large 1 oz. bottle of tea tree oil from Woolzie’s for $7.

As you’re not really supposed to use essential oils “neat,” meaning at full strength, directly on the skin, you’ll need a “carrier” to mix them into.  I decided to use organic virgin coconut oil, and witch hazel.  I got Vita Coco Coconut Oil for less than $7, and Dickinson’s witch hazel for about $5, both from Walmart.  Later, I found bottles of generic witch hazel at a health food store for $2, so I bought a couple more.  In addition to the oils and carriers, I got a 3 oz. spray bottle, and a 3 oz. lotion bottle, for about $1 each.

Itch oil 1

For the coconut oil, I spooned some into a mug, let it melt, then poured into the lotion bottle. I added 4 drops of lavender, 2 drops frankincense, and 3 drops of tea tree, and shook it up.  I keep it in the bathroom so when I step out of the shower, the heat melts just enough of it to use all over.  My skin ends up soft, moisturized, itch-free, and smelling divine!

Itch spray 1

For my itch spray, I poured the witch hazel into the spray bottle, and added 3 drops lavender oil, and 2 drops each of tea tree, frankincense and rosemary.  I keep this on-hand, and every time I feel the slightest itch, I just spray away.  I’ll even use it right after working out, even if I’m not itchy, to cool off since it’s so pleasant to use!

I’m thinking about trying out some other oils, such as eucalyptus and peppermint.  I’ll probably end up experimenting with different blends just for $hits and giggles.  Overall, I’m very pleased with the results I’ve experienced, I like being able to soothe my itchiness naturally.

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