It Cosmetics for Ulta Live Beauty Fully Highlighting & Blending Brush No. 223

Have I mentioned yet how much I love the It Cosmetics for Ulta brushes?  Oh, I have…?  Well, let me just mention again how awesome these brushes are!

I was looking for a highlighting brush, so, of course, I turned to It Cosmetics.  They did not have what I was looking for in my preferred Velvet Luxe line, but they did have one in the Live Beauty Fully line.  I was not disappointed with my choice!  This brush is very soft, and the varying lengths of the hairs make it “floppy” enough to apply product without moving product away.  That being said, it’s better for finishing than for precision highlighting (such as the down the front of my nose).  In that aspect, it wasn’t quite what I was looking for, but despite Ulta’s awesome return policy, I kept this brush.  I discovered I needed it, I just didn’t know it!  This not only is great at highlighting larger areas, but as its namesake says, it’s fabulous for blending.  I also found that it applies illuminating products, such as NARS Miss Liberty Highlighting Blush Powder, perfectly.

Although this brush is lighter weight, and not seemingly as high-end as the regular It Cosmetics or It Cosmetics for Ulta Velvet Luxe brushes, it is still very high quality- much more so than other brands in the same price range.  The best part of this line is that for each brush purchased, It Cosmetics will donate one brush to a woman with cancer, so she can face her illness with more confidence.  Oh yeah, and they are cruelty-free!

The It Cosmetics for Ulta Live Beauty Fully Highlight & Blending brush #223 retails for $26.00.