I Wore Blue Ombre Lipstick in Public and…

ombre public 1b

So, last week I wore green lipstick out to run errands, and nobody noticed! (Post found here.) I was planning on writing about the reactions I got, but no such luck.

If you look at people like Kat Von D, or a lot of the makeup artists on Instagram, you will notice that bold colors such as this are all the rage. But, I have never, in person, actually seen anyone wear these colors randomly out in public. This time, I chose to do a blue and lavender ombre lip to see if that made a difference. (Blue ombre lip tutorial found here.)

Due to a water line issue, I can’t wash clothes at home right now, so my first stop was the laundromat. The first person to take notice was a forty-something man wearing an LSU cap. He walked by, glanced at me, smiled, and kept going. Then, a little girl with a long blond ponytail and navy blue school uniform looked at me, smiled really big, and started waving emphatically at me.

ombre public laundromat

At the laundromat

On my way out, I stopped to visit the man, and also met his wife. His name was Virgil, and he and his wife, Cindy, were awesome! They used to live in the area, but moved away, and now they were coming back through in their RV. When I asked if he noticed my lipstick, he said he noticed, but would never say anything. I asked for his honest opinion, and he smiled and said, “I kinda like it!” When I asked Cindy for her honest opinion, she said, “Well, I would never say this to anyone, but it doesn’t do anything for you. It takes away from your beautiful eyes.” She thought I should have just stuck with the lavender, as it matched my eye makeup, and would enhance my eyes. These people were so sweet, I wish I could have stayed and visited with them longer.

My next stop was the dollar store to buy some envelopes. A few people looked at me, but didn’t show an obvious reaction. The cashier, Maria, recognized me because the store is so close to home that we go there a lot for convenience. She told me my makeup looked nice!

When I went to the grocery store to pick up some pop and ice cream for Jerry, no one really reacted until I went to the checkout. A young girl, Selena, was working, and she told me that she had been wearing blue lipstick to school, until they told her she couldn’t anymore. (Seriously…??) The guy helping her bag groceries, Christian, commented that my lips were well-coordinated with my eye makeup. Thank you!

ombre public liquor store

At the liquor store

Jerry needed a single beer for cooking, and the grocery store doesn’t sell single, 12 ounce bottles, so my last stop was the liquor store nearest home. The guys there know about this blog, but they felt this lipstick made me look like a “teeny-bopper.” Sweet! If blue and lavender ombre lips are the key to looking younger, I’ll wear this look every day!!!

While it was obvious from some of the looks I got that a few people disapproved or thought my lipstick to be odd (of course!), I had a lot of fun visiting with people about it. Going to have to do this again sometime soon!

ombre public 3