Sleek, Shiny Hair with the HSI Professional Glider Flat Iron

HSI Glider Flat Iron 5


The weekend is here!  Not that it matters for me- I have a lot of yard work, and regular work, to do…lol!  I don’t think I’ve ever really had weekends “off” since I was younger!

So, I have long, thick hair, and I heat style it.  Not every day, but a few days a week.  It’s hard for me to find a flat iron that I don’t have to keep going over the same section over and over again, which causes a lot of damage.

True, there are a lot of “single pass” models out there, but I’ve only found ONE thus far that is truly single pass with MY hair.  When I got the opportunity to try out an HSI Glider, I was pretty curious because this is a brand I’m not real familiar with.

HSI Glider Flat Iron 1

HSI Professional is a newer brand of styling tools and products created for stylists by stylists.  The Glider is a ceramic flat iron with four HeatBalance micro-sensors in each plate.  Together, these eight sensors regulate temperature to evenly distribute heat and help prevent hot spots.  Pretty nifty, huh?

The temperature is adjustable, from 145-450 degrees Fahrenheit, which provides greater control for all types of hair.  The curved “floating” plates also provide extra flexibility to straighten, or even curl, your hair.

HSI Glider Flat Iron 2

I was very pleased with the performance of the HSI Glider.  It heated up quickly to 450, it’s light weight without feeling cheap, and it really did easily glide through my hair.  It seems very well made, user friendly, and it looks pretty sleek!

HSI Glider Flat Iron 3

I wouldn’t say that it was truly “single pass” for all sections of my hair, but that’s not a flaw with the flat iron.  It’s because my hair is so damn thick, and it’s narrower than the one that does work in a single pass for me.   If HSI makes a version of this that’s a quarter or half an inch wider, it would be perfect.

When I used smaller, thinner sections of hair, though, it did work with a single pass.  So for most “normal” hair, there wouldn’t be any need to go over the same section again.  I’ve also found that there’s always an adjustment period, or “learning curve,” so to speak, whenever I get a new flat iron.  Once I’m more familiar with it, then I can get the job done with fewer passes.

Once I finished straightening my hair, oh my gosh, it was so shiny!  I used the iron with the brand’s Thermal Protector spray, so I’m confident I did less damage, and it really showed.  I got a lot of compliments on my hair, so I know I’ll be using the HSI Glider quite a bit!

HSI Glider Flat Iron 4

The only downside is that, as a professional tool, the HSI Glider retails for $79.99.  BUT, compared to other professional flat irons, this is actually a very good value.  Plus, they include a free heat glove and fancy-schmancy satiny pouch!

Wanna give it a try?  Check it out at!