Honua Aina Detoxifying Mask

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Aang aang- hello!  Happy Tuesday, everyone!  It’s HOT down here in Louisiana.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the heat, but it’s HOT.  I’ve had to reduce my runs to 1.5-2 miles instead of 5-8, although it feels like I’m doing much more…lol!

I’m hoping the heat and sunshine will help improve my skin (always wear SPF), as it seems Jerry and I have both broken out while isolating.  It started about a month and a half ago, and we both started getting zits.  The only things that had changed were our eating habits, as we had to eat what was available with all-but-bare store shelves, and a new laundry product that I ordered online.  I changed the laundry stuff back to our usual products, and we’ve started eating healthier again as shelves are restocked regularly.

But… a season change and unusual circumstances are always a good time to re-evaluate our skincare routines.  I decided this would be a good time to start using more “clean” products- as in those made with more sustainable ingredients, and without harmful yucky stuff.  I opted to order the Honua Aina Detoxifying Mask from Credo Beauty, as it’s the largest clean beauty store, and I’d heard their customer service was fantastic.  My order arrived within five days, even during The Virus!  (I need to do a post about Credo and their rewards program soon- it’s spectacular!)

Honua Hawaiian Skincare harnesses the power of healing and wellness through native plants and minerals.  The brand was founded by Kapua Browning, a longtime Hawaiian healing devotee and esthetician, with the purpose of combining traditional Hawaiian healing botanicals and methodologies with modern skincare technology.  Honua believes the magic also lies in the soil where these plants are grown, so many of the ingredients are sourced from Hawaiian soil.

Honua is also committed to ocean plastic awareness and reforestation, and they work closely with Hawaiian farmers to protect their agriculture.  The brand uses sustainable packaging that can be recycled or composted, and every purchase helps support non-profits that not only replenish native plants, but clean up and preserve beaches, coral reefs, and land.

Honua Aina Detoxifying Mask is good for all skin types- dry, mature, sensitive, blemish-prone, combination, and normal.  The mask is formulated with potent plant-based ingredients to help nourish the skin.  Bamboo charcoal draws out impurities; and ni’oi,  or Hawaiian chili pepper, helps with detoxification and stimulation of blood flow.  Kalo, a.k.a. Hawaiian taro root, is packed with phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals such as A & C, as well as manganese, to help restore damaged skin.  Finally, turmeric helps brighten, and tamanu oil aids in balancing and hydrating the skin.

First off, the box is really cute- it’s natural colored, and folded like origami, with interesting info.  Here’s where I’ll mention the only negative I’ve found- there are NO instructions ANYWHERE on the box or jar.  None.  I have sensitized skin, so it’s very important for me to know how long I should leave a product on, etc.  Thankfully, Credo is extra-picky with information they require from brands, so there are instructions on the Credo site.  Massage onto skin after cleansing, leave on for 10-15 minutes, use once or twice a week.  Easy peasy!

The mask is housed in a sleek frosted glass jar with a wood lid, so it looks pretty fabulous on my counter!  There’s an inner little protector just over the product so no worries about it drying out.  The mask has a natural light scent, fresh and earthy.  I didn’t really notice much tingling, and there was no irritation despite being sensitive.  The thing I LOVE is that it didn’t dry up all crusty- it stayed soft even 20 minutes later, and was easy to splash off.  My skin was left plump, refreshed, clean, but not right or stripped or moisture.  My pores appeared smaller, and it reduced the size of the zits I had gotten.

This is one of those products that I actually look forward to using, and due to the ease of removal, without having to scrub and irritate my skin, I consistently reach for this jar!  Do yourself a favor and get the Honua Aina Detoxifying Mask, you’ll be glad you did!  Available at CredoBeauty.com.

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