Highlighting for Beginners from Dior MUA Troycie


Tip of the day… After applying foundation, find a concealer or foundation one to two shades lighter. You want to enhance certain areas. For instance, I make an upside down triangle under my eyes, middle of my nose, cupids bow, under chin, and middle of forehead. Someone with less space on the forehead will want to highlight higher. A person with more open space will want to contour more on forehead. I then blend in concealer with a Beauty Blender. *My favorite trick is to blend concealer lightly with the brush I used for my foundation for a flawless blend.* I then use a tapered brush to set my highlight with [your] choice of setting powder. I let mine “bake”- meaning stay on without brushing away for 10 to 15 minutes. Tip… before brushing away remaining powder, I spray my face with a setting spray of choice. Another tip- find a nice translucent color close to your skin tone and blend where your contour and highlight meet for a flawless look.

-Troycie McCray

Thank you for making the concept of highlighting easier for us all, Troycie!

On my way to go play with highlighter now… 😉 -Renee’