2017 is Here!

Whew, can’t believe it’s already 2017! Hope you all had a great holiday season!

We’ve been in Iowa visiting family over the holidays, and with an energetic three year-old nephew, there just wasn’t any time for blogging.  I don’t get to see my nephews and family nearly enough, so I spent every moment I could with them.


I was raised Catholic, so we celebrate Christmas.  We spent Christmas day with Jerry’s family, then flew to Iowa to be with my family.  We held our Christmas with my nephews on the 30th at Mom’s house.   It was so much fun watching them open their presents and hearing the squeals of delight!  I swear, these boys never fail to melt my heart and make me smile.


We spent New Year’s Eve day with my grandparents on Mom’s side, then spent New Year’s Eve night at Mom’s house.  January 4th was my grandparents’ 70th wedding anniversary, so I feel privileged to have them as role models.  It was nice to spend the day with them, visiting and catching up.  My nephews joined us and showed off a few of their presents.  It was a lovely day!


Later that night, we had a pizza and hors d’oeuvres “party” for the new year.  My 12 year-old nephew “pooped out” and went home with his mom (my sister) before 9 pm.  My 3 year-old nephew, though, graced us with his presence and spent the night with us at Mom’s.  He loves pirates, so we watched the movie “Hook,” and had a great time.  He had enough energy to stay up “all night” and toasted the new year with us by counting down and drinking “champagne” (Sprite with cherry juice) at midnight.  As my nephew said, it was truly the “Best New Year’s EVAHHHHH!!!”


Not only does my 3 year-old nephew love pirates and spaceships, but he also loves tractors.  We held our Christmas celebration with my dad’s side on New Year’s Day.  My aunt and uncle are farmers, and just so happened to bring two boxes full of toy tractors and farm implements for my nephews.  My younger nephew was in pure HEAVEN, even his older brother enjoyed playing with them!

To top it all off, our flights, both ways, both went very smoothly.  No delays or issues, so I was quite happy with that, since it’s so rare with Murphy’s Law always applying to us…lol!  Although our time with my family is always too short, I had a great time with them, and a wonderful holiday season!

Hoe you all have a wonderful 2017!

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