Happy Labor Day!


I won’t keep you with a long post, as I know we all want to be with our friends and families.

As a former retail manager, surgical assistant, and Deputy Coroner, I always worked holidays. It’s strange finally getting to have holidays off! Well, technically I’m “off.” Since I work for myself, I’m always working, but at least it’s on my own terms.

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I feel lucky to be able to own my own time, but I still haven’t forgotten what it’s like to have to work. So, keep those people in mind, and send them some positive vibes. If you have a friend who is a working in the ER, drop by some barbecue or cookies, I know they’ll appreciate it! Same with other emergency workers and retailers, you’ll be sure to brighten their day!

By the way, I know many Sephora beauty advisors love cupcakes, so if you’re going shopping, they’ll be sure to remember you! 😉

Most of all, stay safe, and have a great day!