Guerlain Meteorites Perles du Paradis Face Powder (Illuminating Sparkling Powder)

Oh, Guerlain, how I love thee!  My first experience with Guerlain was Shalimar, a review I will get to in the near future.  I had run into several people who had a negative opinion about this product and were too scared to try it because of the phrase “Illuminating Sparkling Powder.”  With that being said, I have never met a Guerlain product I did not like, so I went ahead and ordered it.

I was a bit scared of the packaging, as it was cardboard, instead of the packaging the regular Guerlain Meteorites come in.  But, it seems to have held up really well, despite my being rough on all my stuff.  It comes with a cute powder puff, which I suppose one could try using, but I do not.  I simply keep it in the box to prevent the beads from bouncing around too much and breaking.

You will need a sturdy enough brush so you can stir it around in the beads, a floppy finishing brush will not be as effective.  I used to use the Guerlain Meteorites brush, but I lost it.  Now I use my Too Faced Powder Pouf Brush, or when traveling, my Make Up For Ever kabuki brush.  Despite the description of being illuminating and sparkling, and the balls containing a bit of shimmer, this is a fabulous product.  I use this to set my makeup on days when I feel my skin needs that extra boost of brightening.  If you feel it’s too shimmery, you can use a fan brush to lightly dust your face after applying.

Sadly, these Pearls of Paradise harder to find now, so I have not been using them as much (*whine*).  Needless to say, if I see these around somewhere, I will probably buy them so I have a back-up.  I should note that if you are sensitive to fragrance, you may have an issue with these.  These gorgeous pearls have the typical Guerlain violet scent, which I happen to love.   But, if you are worried, it does dissipate very quickly.

Guerlain Meteorites Perles du Paradis retail for $70.00 for 1.86 oz.


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