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Wow, what a heat wave…  It’s HOT and humid down here in the south!

Despite the heat, summer is my favorite season, and it makes me sad that it will be over with before we know it.  Not only will my fave weather be ending, but it will be time for a dental visit, too.

I DREAD going to the dentist.  When I was a child and had to get fillings, they never did enough to numb me.  I would keep trying to sink myself deeper and deeper into the chair to “pull” away from the drill because it hurt so badly.

As an adult, I learned to speak up about it- and they started doing nerve blocks, which help a LOT.  But, dentist visits are STILL painful- to my wallet.  I’ve spent over $10,000 on my teeth; and that’s when I had good dental insurance!  Thank goodness I went ahead and got most of my “bad” teeth taken care of when I worked for Corporate America- no way would I be able to do that now.

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As for the bad teeth?  I’ve always taken great care of my teeth.  Brush regularly, floss regularly, I don’t eat a lot of sugary foods or drink sugary drinks.  In addition to a lot of acid reflux, I clench and grind my teeth, even at night.  This has caused a lot of damage, enamel loss, etc.

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GrindReliefN has a Central Power Bar

The last time I went to the dentist he recommended I get a mouth guard to help prevent grinding and clenching.  He said they could custom make one but it would be several hundred dollars, and insurance doesn’t cover it.  So he suggested I shop around, and if I had to get one of the athletic ones, that it would be better than nothing.

GrindReliefN prior to being heated in water and formed

GrindReliefN prior to being heated in water and formed

When I got the chance to partner with GrindReliefN to try out the product and share my results, I was absolutely ecstatic!  I was happy to actually find an affordable option designed by Dr. Joe Pelerin, a dentist, who developed the product for his own needs.  With GrindReliefN, you actually do get a custom fit- it’s similar to bleaching trays or athletic guards in that you place it in warm water, then shape it to your teeth.

GrindReliefN turns clear when it's heated enough to shape onto your teeth

GrindReliefN turns clear when it’s heated enough to shape onto your teeth

Unlike bleaching trays or athletic guards, GrindReliefN is specifically designed to prevent grinding or clenching your teeth, and has a “Central Power Bar” to help minimize force and allow muscles to relax.  This is exactly what I needed!!!!

GrindRelief N immediately after being formed on my teeth

GrindRelief N immediately after being formed on my teeth

Another thing I really like is that if you mess up when forming it with warm water, it can be reformed as many times as you need by simply immersing it in warm water again.  It’s also a lot smaller than many of the grind guards I’ve researched and considered, and it can be used on the upper or lower teeth.  If you’re traveling, there’s even a case included so you take can take it with you.

GrindReliefN in carrying case

GrindReliefN in carrying case

GrindReliefN is super easy to form- they include a link to a video so you can see exactly what to do so you can get the best results.  It only takes a few moments, and then you cool it with tap water.  Easy-peasy!

Grind Guard N 8

I was surprised that the GrindReliefN was not as uncomfortable as I thought it would be.  I actually suffered less discomfort than I would have without it- since I didn’t have a sore jaw…lol!  Thank you SO much, Dr. Joe, for making this fantastic product.  My teeth and jaw are also thanking you!!

Get your own GrindReliefN from My Quest Store on Amazon.  The first 200 to purchase will get $10 off the already low price with code SBDCHYYT. 🙂

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