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In January, I was privileged to attend Cane River Surgery Center’s Cosmetic Day.  If you’re ever in the central Louisiana area when they’re having one of these events, make sure you attend, you won’t regret it!  Dr. and Shay Ball, along with their fabulous team, not only provide surgical procedures, but they offer cosmetic services such as injectables, skincare products, chemical peels, and Latisse!

Dr and Shay Ball

Dr. Ball and Nurse Manager Shay Ball (aren’t they gorgeous?)

In addition to giving loads of great info (read more here and here), Shay gave me the opportunity to try Latisse* so I could share my results with you!  It’s taken me a while to post- my allergies have been so bad that I couldn’t get a decent close-up pic of my eyes…lol!

When I mentioned to friends that I was testing Latisse, a lot of them asked about eye discoloration and side effects.  After hearing everything Shay had to say, I was confident about giving it a shot.  I’m glad I did!

Latisse Before January 21 2016

Before using Latisse

In clinical studies, Latisse takes about 16 weeks for full growth to take place.  However, I had results after just four weeks- that’s right, results after just ONE MONTH!  Granted, the results aren’t what they will be after a longer period of time, but I definitely noticed growth.

Latisse After March 21

After one month of Latisse

I applied Latisse once every night before bed, after washing my face and using my skincare products.  Each sterile applicator is single use to prevent contamination between eyes.  Not only did Latisse make my lashes longer, but they are also fuller and seem stronger.

Latisse 3

Strangely enough, not only are my eyes shaped differently, but my eyelashes are different on each eye, too… weird!  I sleep on my right side (I know, I know, that causes wrinkles…), so my eyelashes on that side grow in kind of a diagonal direction (you can see in my photos it appears on the left).  After using Latisse, it’s easier now to comb my lashes and coax them into place where they should be.  Major plus!

latisse ba 2

The best part, though, is NO MORE MESSY FIBERS OR EXTENSIONS!!!  Woo-hoo!!!   Extensions can often damage eyelashes and cause breakage.  Fibers not only look clumpy, but they can be messy and itchy, especially when they fall into the eyes.  With Latisse, there are no worries- just full, gorgeous lashes!

Latisse After with mascara

Wearing one coat of regular mascara (no fibers, etc.)

If you’re in the central Louisiana area, you’re in luck because Cane River Surgery Center keeps Latisse in-stock, so it’s readily available!  If price is an issue, they can sign you up for Allergan’s Brilliant Distinctions program, making it much more affordable!

If you want longer, fuller eyelashes, give Cane River Surgery Center a call at 318.354.2555 or 877.924.2555.  You can also check out their website, caneriversurgery.com.

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*Latisse is a prescription product, you can view full product information at www.latisse.com.  Only your doctor or healthcare provider can determine if it’s right for you.