Go Green and De-Clutter with Esse Reusable Shopping Bags

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It’s Monday again, folks. Oh, dreaded Monday.

And oh, dreaded clutter! I was just cleaning out the cabinets and throwing away anything that was expired or nearing expiration, and was appalled at how much we’ve wasted!

My life is so busy, I’ve got so much going on at any given time. This often leads not only to non-perishable food being forgotten about, but clutter piling up. I also can’t stand the thought of wasting anything, even those plastic shopping bags.

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We shop for groceries almost daily because we not only like to use the freshest ingredients, but we often don’t know what we want until we want it. This leads to piles of plastic grocery bags- we even have bags full of bags. Yep, we are those people…lol! Having an interest in doing what we can to preserve the environment, we don’t like to just throw stuff away that can be recycled or reused.

We use plastic shopping bags for everything we possibly can, but there are only so many we can use at any given time. We use the bags for trash, transporting items, such as clothing donations, carrying stuff we need for short trips, and Jerry uses them to carry his lunch in to work. We’ve even used them in a pinch when we color our hair if we’re out of processing caps…lol!

We’ve gotten reusable shopping bags in the past, but it never fails, we don’t have one with us when we’re making last-minute shopping trips. There are also so many times when we unexpectedly stop at the store.

Esse Bag 2

The environmentalist in me was REALLY excited when I got the opportunity to de-clutter the kitchen cabinets (and an area of the floor…lol) by using Esse Premium Reusable Clip-On Shopping Bags. So, what sets Esse bags apart from others? Let me just say, their quality, size and convenience allowed me to seriously de-clutter and free up some space!

Esse Bag 1

I got a set of 5 bags that comes in a little carrying pouch- very convenient! Each bag is 9” x 12” when unfolded, and can carry up to 20 pounds. They have clips attached to them, as well as an elastic loop so you can roll them up and store them in the pouch. Since there are five bags, we’ve each stashed two in our cars, and Jerry uses one for taking his lunch to work.

Esse Bag 3

I will admit, I did actually throw the majority of our plastic shopping bags into the recycling bin when I got the Esse bags- I was too impatient to wait to use them because they’re really fab looking! They come in several colors, including the sleek leaf print I got. You can even toss these into the washing machine, so they’re easy to care for.

To top it all off, get this- the Esse bags are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles! Yep, you read that right, 100% recycled plastic bottles. So, not only do I get the benefit of not having a hundred or so plastic bags sitting around, but the reusable products I’m replacing them with are made from recycled waste. This is a win all the way around!

Esse Premium Reusable Clip-On Shopping Bags retail for just $14.95 for the set. Check them out at esse.com or amazon.com and start de-cluttering!

Esse Bag 6

Yep, the small pouch sitting on top of this pile has taken the place of all the plastic bags!





  1. Reusable shopping bag gives the evolution in the global environment and it will save upto 20% of Plastic use. Keep avoiding Plastic Carry bag, bottles and start use of reusable bottle and eco-friendly bag.

  2. Do you have any video of that? I’d like to find out more details.

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