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Hope you’re all having a fabulous November! It’s still very mild here in Louisiana, and we’ve still got on our shorts and flip-flops. Despite my love of the warmer climate, I’m still an Iowa girl at heart, and have a soft spot for companies with Midwestern roots. That’s just one of the reasons I’m pleased to collaborate with a fairly new company called Andavi to tell you about their all natural shaving lotion.

Missouri native and father of five, David Dalton, had a desire to find safe, effective products for his friends and family. Andavi Skincare was born out of his passion and quest to learn more about product ingredients and their effects on skin health (Andavi, 2014).

While I’ve never shopped at Whole Foods because we don’t have one anywhere near us, I do know the company has very high standards for the brands carried in-store. All Andavi products are formulated in compliance with Whole Foods Market “Whole Body” and “Premium Body Care” standards, which means the products have no unacceptable ingredients as per their requirements. Andavi products also feature aloe vera as a major ingredient. Instead of being at the end of the list, as with many other brands, aloe vera is incorporated at concentrations that are above what is required for certification by the International Aloe Science Council (Andavi, 2014).


If you’ve been keeping up with our website, you know I’m a huge believer in quality skincare products. I don’t necessarily “preach” all natural, but “clean” skincare is very important to me. The problem is, many people don’t take the time to research all the ingredients in their products to ensure they are “clean.” Therefore, sticking with natural ingredients is often one of the easiest ways to ensure quality.

I suffer from idiopathic urticaria, and my legs are always dry. This combination makes for an irritating, itchy situation! As a result, I’ve been using artisanal goat milk soap in the shower. I even use the goat milk soap for shaving because most commercially available shaving creams are full of irritants that dry my skin out and make me even more itchy.

So, you can imagine how excited I am about an all-natural shaving lotion from a company close to home! The quality of the ingredients in Andavi Shaving Lotion is superb- it’s chock full of botanical extracts and oils, with none of the bad stuff. There are no cheap fillers, no detergents, soaps, alcohols, parabens, phthalates, synthetic chemicals, coloring additives, fragrances, or preservatives (Andavi, 2014).

Andavi Skincare All Natural Shaving Lotion is housed in a sleek, convenient, sanitary tube. It’s easy to dispense the product, and the ingredients are protected from degradation by being exposed to air or light. I do, however, think a pump or flip cap would be easier. For men shaving faces, it’s not really an issue, but I shave my legs in the shower, so being able to open the tube one-handed would be a plus. But, that’s just being “nit-picky,” as there’s nothing wrong with the packaging.

I know some people find certain botanical ingredients, such as cinnamon and peppermint, irritating. For example, in high concentrations, cinnamon is irritating to my skin. But, the ingredients in Andavi’s shave lotion are very well thought out. The cinnamon and peppermint add a fresh, natural scent, that I happen to LOVE, but they’re among the last ingredients listed. So, they’re present in a very small amount, and any irritation is countered by the soothing nature of other ingredients, such as aloe, allantoin, and green tea. Therefore, despite having perpetually irritated skin, I had absolutely no problems!


The Andavi shaving lotion was a pleasure to use, a nice deviation from shaving with my soap. My razor glided over my skin with ease, even in sensitive areas like my bikini line and underarms. When I stepped out of the shower, I just used a bit of coconut oil, and that was it. I had silky smooth skin, and no dryness or itchiness!

If you’d like a high-quality premium shaving lotion, you really should check out Andavi. Plus, at less than ten bucks, it’s such a great value that you can’t afford NOT to try it! Check them out at

If you don’t see a YouTube video above, click here.


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