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Omg, you guys, it’s HOT outside.  I just finished my Friday run, and was only able to do six miles because of the heat, and that was around 5:00pm.  I swear, my clothes weren’t just sweaty, they were WET.  I literally had to peel them off so I could get into the shower, even though I was already wet…lol!

So, I’m always looking for great makeup and makeup tools, especially with the hot weather.  Anything that will allow me to use less makeup, but still have a “finished” look is a must-have in my book.  I had been seeing battery-operated makeup brushes in discount stores, and was always tempted to get one.  I always refrained, though, because they always seemed so cheaply made, and just consisted of a spinning brush head.  I mean, so bad that if you turn it on once, it may fall apart.  This made me sad because I really wanted something like this that would work!

But, when I found out Michael Todd had a new sonicBLEND Makeup Brush, it was like I heard a trumpet fanfare in my head, and rays of light shined down upon me!  This was NOT a spinning brush, this was a sonic brush.  Omg.  Every device by Michael Todd that I’ve seen and examined on our trips to Ulta have been very high quality, and very well-made.  Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this!  (Make sure to check out our video at the bottom!)


When I got the Michael Todd sonicBLEND Makeup Brush, it was packaged very well- the box was simplistic but sleek, and very attractive.  It’s also housed in molded plastic, so you can be assured it didn’t get jarred around in transport.  The device itself is sturdy and solidly built, a far cry from the versions I had previously seen and handled.  I mean, THIS is a sonic device that will literally smash the competition.  Plus, it comes with a warranty so you can be confident in your purchase.

The Michael Todd sonicBLEND Makeup Brush comes in three colors, black, pink, and a tortoise shell design.  It has a detachable brush head made from synthetic fibers, with antimicrobial properties.  (But they still recommend cleaning it according to the instructions at least once per week.)  It also comes with a USB cable to charge the brush, which they recommend doing for three hours the first time.  A single charge can provide up to 60 minute of use!

I’ll start with the negatives since this is an awesome product and I want to end on a positive note.  The USB charge cable doesn’t come with a plug, you have to plug it into your computer or use a phone charger adapter.  Not a deal-breaker, just a minor inconvenience.  They also recommend replacing the brush head at least once a year, but I haven’t seen any replacement heads available yet.  However, I presume there will be soon since they recommend replacement; I think the device is just so new that they’re not listed on the site yet.


Now, for the good- I swear, I could go on and on and on and on and on and on and on… well, you get the picture…lol!

It’s important to note that as the instructions say, let the brush do the work.  I’ve seen videos with people using these, and they are pushing too hard, making all the brush hairs bend, like with a regular makeup brush.  When you bend the brush hairs, it renders the sonic pulsations useless.  So, do NOT press like you do with a regular brush, or it won’t do its job!

As I first started using this, all I could think about was how good it felt on my face.  It was like getting a massage at a spa!  I didn’t want to stop putting on makeup!  The weird thing is, since foundation is normally so obvious, it didn’t really look like I was doing anything, but my skin was looking more even.  Omg.  This sonicBLEND brush was AH-mazing!  My skin still looked like my skin, but the color was just SO even!  It has three settings, and on the highest, you can get up to 200 pulses per second!  (See the video below for a demonstration!)

The weird thing is, the brush and the movement also deposited color evenly into my pores, resulting in a near poreless look.  Was this really my face…?!?!?!  I also used a lot less product than I do with other application methods, so the Michael Todd sonicBLEND Makeup Brush will save you money in the long run.  (Note- make sure the device is OFF when you dip it into your foundation…lol!)

My makeup went on easier, the process was FAST- this took less than half the time of using a sponge or regular brush.  I got an airbrushed look, without the need for an airbrush or special foundation.   I can use this with any foundation, and get a perfect finish.  To top it all off, since I used so little product, not only is it economical, but it felt less heavy, which is great for the hot, humid weather!

Overall, the Michael Todd sonicBLEND is one of my favorite new products- I never want to be without this!  It retails for $99- but click here, or on one of the banners below to get 20% off along with FREE shipping (on orders of $50 or more)!

If you don’t see a YouTube video above, click here.

Michael Todd Beauty
Michael Todd Beauty

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