Freshen Up Dull Sun-Stripped Hair with Madison Reed!

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The sun is shining, gardens are plentiful, vacations are happening- summer time is here!  Despite summer being my favorite season, it wreaks havoc on my hair.  The sun fades hair color and makes it dull, as do swimming pools and salty beach water.  🙁

Madison Reed Radiant Color Kit 1

The problem with reviving hair color is that you have to make expensive visits to the salon, or you can do it yourself at home, but you never really know if your hair is going to come out worse.  At least, this was the case for me!  I still go to the salon when I need a major change, but for touch-ups or just to revive my hair, it’s more convenient, and more economical to do my hair at home.  Madison Reed has made this process SO much easier!  (Read more about my experience here.)

Selfie worthy color at home

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Madison Reed is dedicated to helping you find the right color, that will work for your particular needs.  They also use the gentlest formulations possible, no more harsh, stinky, burning experiences.  Best of all?  They offer both permanent and semi-permanent kits, and they even provide the gloves!
Find your perfect hair color now

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Click here to check out all that Madison Reed has to offer.  Also, when you visit the site, you will see a pop-up with an offer for FREE shipping on your first order!

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