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We hear a lot about skincare cleansing devices, but since there are so many available, it can be really confusing to decide which one to get. Since the ones that actually work are pretty pricey, many people settle on just one. The two best-selling devices on the market today are from Foreo and Clarisonic.

I had been using a Clarisonic for almost two years, but had never tried the Foreo Luna or Luna Mini. When I received Foreo’s September affiliate email, their representative suggested to the affiliates that it would be great to see a comparison. Since Retin-A (tretinoin) was making my skin more sensitive, and the Foreo Luna is purported to be very gentle, I jumped at the chance. (Special thanks to Diana at Foreo for making it possible for me to get a Luna Mini!)

If you are currently using one of the cheap knock-offs found in discount stores for twenty bucks or less, you are REALLY missing out. Both the Clarisonic Mia 2 and the Foreo Luna Mini are very well constructed. (I’ll be referring to them as Clarisonic and Luna.)


First things first, as far as appearances go, both devices are aesthetically pleasing with sleek designs. The Clarisonic has been around longer, so there have been more color options over the years. The Luna Mini currently comes in five colors, which is great for being such a new device.

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This is a bit “nitpicky,” but the serial number on the Luna is just a sticker, whereas it’s actually printed directly on the Clarisonic. This worries me a bit in regards to warranty- since the device will be getting wet, I have some concern about the validity of the warranty if the sticker comes off. However, there is also additional information on the sticker regarding disposal, company name, etc. With the Clarisonic, you will need to refer to your user manual for this information.


When you replace the brush head of the Clarisonic, there are moving parts that are exposed. This can be a positive because you can clean those parts, but a negative because, well, exposed moving parts! The Luna has no exposed parts, it is completely covered with soft silicone.


Although it is purported to be sealed from water, there is a standard metal jack inside the Luna for charging. The Clarisonic is completely covered, with no openings- it includes a long cord that magnetically attaches to the device, and plugs into a standard wall outlet. Charging is very convenient and can be done almost anywhere. There is only a 12 inch long USB cable included with the Luna. One end has the standard plug that goes into the device, and the other end is USB. There is no other cord, and no way to plug it into the wall. I had to unplug my phone from the wall adapter to charge the Luna. With the cord being so short, I had to crawl under the table to plug it in, and again when it was time to unplug it. (I don’t keep my phone charger in the bathroom!)

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While the charging process is much more convenient with the Clarisonic, the Foreo still has a few advantages. I have to charge my Clarisonic over night, but it only takes about an hour to fully charge the Luna. The Clarisonic lasts 20-30 uses on a full charge, whereas you can get up to 300 uses out of one full charge with the Luna.


The Clarisonic is timed for one minute, and it makes a little sound in increments to let you know when to switch to another area of your face. Foreo also recommends cleansing for one minute, but there is nothing to let you know when to switch areas, and it’s set to shut off after three minutes. So, in this aspect, the Clarisonic is better. But, if I feel like my skin isn’t quite clean enough, I can use the Luna for a bit longer without having to do a whole additional cycle.

If I follow the method in the instruction manual for the Clarisonic, my skin ends up very clean. If I follow the recommended method for the Luna, there is still makeup left. But, Foreo actually encourages you to use whatever method works best, and since there isn’t an automatic timer, it is much easier. When I use my own method of small circular motions, my skin gets just as clean as with the Clarisonic.

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Clarisonic has several options available for brush heads, they have the original brush head, and also options for sensitive skin or acne. I use the brush head for sensitive skin, which was perfect before, but is too harsh now that I have been using tretinoin. The brush head for those with acne is too soft and doesn’t do a great job of cleaning. There is nothing to change out on the Luna, so you don’t get different options. But, the silicone bristles are different on each side, so you can get a bit more aggressive with your T-zone if you wish. This also leads me to the biggest advantage of the Luna- NO MORE BUYING EXPENSIVE BRUSH HEADS!!!


I have to say after using both, it’s a tie! There are advantages and disadvantages with both, so it really just depends on your needs. If you have drier skin, you may want to use the Clarisonic. If your skin varies with hormonal or other changes, you can use different brush heads with the Clarisonic. If you have sensitive skin, the Luna is a great choice. Also, since the Luna can be more easily sanitized, it may be better for those prone to infections.

As for me? I am using the Bionova skincare regimen, and they caution against regular harsh exfoliation. My skin is also more sensitive from using tretinoin, so the Luna Mini is perfect- and I haven’t used my Clarisonic at all since receiving it. But, I still get flaky skin and peeling every now and then, so the Clarisonic is better in those circumstances. I also like having two options- if one needs charging or breaks, I still have the other.   So, needless to say, I’m not going to give up either one of them!

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  1. I got a Luna to Go and I like it so much more than my Clarisonic. The Clarisonic is just too rough on my skin.

    • Hi SulaMay! I agree, the regular Clarisonic brush head is too rough on me, as well. But I do like the sensitive brush- they also have the acne, cashmere, and radiance brush heads that are supposed to be really soft. 🙂

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  3. Saved as a favorite, I love your web site!

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  4. Have you tried the regular Luna? Is the Luna Mini the same and just smaller or is it different?

    • Hi! I have not tried the Luna, but hopefully will in the near future- it’s got a great anti-aging setting that looks very promising! 🙂

  5. Great comparison! I have the first Mia, and was thinking about getting a luna. I think I might go ahead and do it as an early chrismtas present to myself!

    • Hi Evie! Thank you! I’m glad you’re going to try out a Luna- I absolutely love mine!!!!

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