Exuviance AF Vitamin C20 Serum Capsules

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Wow, it is HOT outside!  I swear the Louisiana heat makes my ten mile runs feel like a whole marathon!

With the sun, we don’t just sweat, but our skin can actually be damaged as a result of the UV rays.  Using proper skincare can help prevent photoaging and damage, as well as aid in addressing damage that has already been done.

If you’ve been keeping up with us, you likely already know about Exuviance.  But, if you don’t, I’ll just go ahead and say it’s one of my favorite skincare brands.  Why?  Because they use ingredients that are scientifically-proven to be effective.

Exuviance was founded by Drs. Van Scot and Yu, the original patent-holders of the glycolic peel, or what is commonly known as the “lunchtime peel.”  They went on to create even more products with clinically-proven ingredients.  As a result of their products and formulas being backed by solid science, they remain one of my all-time favorite, go-to brands.

One of my biggest pet peeves in skincare is that some brands out there don’t update their formulas, or create new products.  Instead, they rely solely on outdated formulas that were once popular, without making any improvements.  While there’s no need to “fix” something that works perfectly, I think it’s important for brands to evolve and release new products.

Despite having some of the best formulations in the industry, Exuviance still keeps moving forward and creating new products to suit our changing and growing needs.  The brand is really on the cutting edge when it comes to formulations.  They continue to make their best-selling products that work, while at the same time adding new products.  Therefore, I know I can trust that they’ll always have products to suit my needs at any given time.


So… I’m excited to tell you about the new Exvuaince AF Vitamin C20 Serum Capsules!!!  I just can’t begin to explain how exciting this is for me, considering one of my fave brands has released a new product with one of my fave ingredients- it’s a double win!

Vitamin C is one of my favorite ingredients in skincare because it’s been proven not only to offer antioxidant protection, but to promote collagen production as well.  The problem is that like other antioxidants, it can quickly become unstable.  This is especially an issue with Vitamin C.

I’ve all too often come across fantastic formulas, but the packaging renders the active ingredients unstable.  Products containing antioxidants should be packaged to prevent degradation through exposure to light and air (Kaur, Kapila & Agrawal, 2007).  Well, Exuviance has done exactly that!

Exuviance AF Vitamin C20 Serum Capsules were created to be single-use, and minimize exposure to air, light, and water.  The maximum strength 20% Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid) provides antioxidant protection against environmental damage, helps restore firmness, brighten uneven tone, and smooth lines.  A patented amino acid, AminoFil, has been shown to volumize and target collagen (NeoStrata, 2017).  Needless to say, I was already impressed with the formula before I even tried these!

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Exuviance AF Vitamin C20 Serum Capsules are soft, bronze-toned capsules housed in a sleek, frosty looking bottle.  It looks really nice sitting on my vanity- so nice that I almost don’t want to use these all up…lol!

Exuviance AF Vitamin C 3

The capsules themselves are super easy to use- just twist them open, and squeeze out the serum.  If you’re sensitive to fragrance, no need to worry, as the serum doesn’t really have a scent.  It’s thick for a serum, kind of a lotion-like consistency.

Exuviance AF Vitamin C 5

So, I squeezed the entire contents of one capsule onto my fingers, thinking the capsules seemed kind of small.  But, a LOT of serum came out, and I smoothed it onto my face- it was very easy to spread, and felt quite soothing.  However, my face felt really greasy, and it didn’t seem like it was being absorbed.  I waited a bit, still no luck.  I wondered, was this going to be the first Exuviance product I’m not really happy with?

Exuviance AF Vitamin C 4

The ingredients list had dimethicone first, a type of silicone- this is actually a great ingredient, and used in many medical products for scars, other skin issues, etc.  There were no heavy things such as oils, so I was confident this “greasiness” was a result of the silicones, and could most likely be controlled by using less serum.

The next night, I only used a tiny amount for my face, and used the rest on my neck and chest.  Since 20% Vitamin C is maximum concentration, I knew I’d still be getting a powerful dose on my face.  The instructions even say to use once per night as tolerated, or 2-3 times per week.  If you find a whole capsule to be too much, then you could also save the rest for the next night, although it may not be as strong- just make sure to keep it in a dark area and minimize exposure to light and air.

With using a smaller amount, I had no problems with feeling “greasy.”  My skin just felt smooth, and the serum absorbed much more easily.  It wore well with my other products, and I didn’t have any irritation, despite having sensitized skin from tretinoin.

I’ve used many, many, many Vitamin C products.  Let me just say after using this for a few days, I woke up and my skin looked absolutely radiant.  I mean, healthy, glowing radiant; so much so that even Jerry noticed!  I could definitely tell a difference with the higher concentration of ascorbic acid being packaged in a way to prevent degradation.

The bottom line?  I would absolutely recommend Exuviance AF Vitamin C20 Serum Capsules.  At first, they seem a bit pricey at $69 for 60 capsules, but the active ingredient concentration is high enough that the serum is extremely effective.  Plus, the bottle will last at least two months, even four to six months if you use only a couple capsules per week.  Check it out at Exuviance.com .

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Get FREE shipping and 3 free Exuviance samples with $75+ purchase on the official NeoStrata site


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