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Happy Friday, everyone!  Well, I guess it’s technically Saturday now, lol!

I really want to tell you about this great website I recently found out about- it’s called  The site was started in November of 2015 to provide quality health and beauty advice, help everyone access great skin care, as well as to create a sense of community.  Great idea, right?  I’m kicking myself because I didn’t know about this site until Hannah contacted me.

Hannah, from, contacted me a while back in regards to a skin care roundup she was creating, which would be comprised of skin care experts providing their best tips for organic skin care.  Let me just say, it was an honor to take part in such an awesome project.  The website is super cool on its own, but reading through these tips was a joy- I found so much great advice!

Here’s a sneak peek, but I’ve blurred it out- you’ll have to head over to to see the tips for yourself! 😉


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