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Evologie Stay Clear Cream not only hydrates, but it restores optimal skin health with its YS3 Complex (more info here). The multi-tasking, proprietary blend strengthens the skin’s natural barrier and deeply hydrates while working to brighten discoloration, restore texture, and prevent breakouts (Evologie, 2015).

Stay Clear Cream’s perfect blend of natural ingredients helps clear visible blemishes, reduce dark spots and acne scarring, and even skin tone. It also hydrates deep below the surface to help fight the appearance of fine lines, and preserve youthful radiance (Evologie, 2015).

Evologie Stay Clear Cream 2

Evologie Stay Clear Cream moisturized very well, without being greasy, and without leaving a powdery residue, like so many other moisturizers for oily skin.. It’s similar to a gel-cream texture, is very light, and spreads easily. Those who are sensitive to fragrance will be relieved that this is unscented and does not cause irritation.

If you are using a formula that is too drying, you can actually aggravate the problem. Check your ingredient list to ensure there is no benzoyl peroxide- this is the active ingredient in many older anti-acne products. What I like most about Evologie is that there is nothing harsh that can cause irritation; just gentle ingredients that are proven to be effective.

If you suffer from acne, discoloration, scarring, or inflammatory issues, I strongly encourage you to give the Evologie skincare regimen a try. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

Evologie Stay Clear Cream is available at SpaceNK, Bloomingdale’s, Birchbox, and Evologie.com.

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Evologie (2015). An evolution in skin science, a revolution in skin health. Evologie.



  1. I think I will try this Evologie. Proactiv was real bad on my skin. It made my spots worse and it dried it out too.

    • Oh, no! I’m so sorry it didn’t work for you- I’ve heard a lot of people say they are sensitive to benzoyl peroxide products. I’m sure you’ll be very happy with Evologie! 🙂

  2. Thank you for posting this. I was using Nue Vitality serum, but it really ruined my skin. Instead of clearing my skin it gave me lots of worst pimples and made me break out real bad. My face was trashed. I’ve been looking for something that is gentle but works so I’m glad to see this and I will order it right away.

    • Oh, no! I’m so sorry you had a bad experience! I think you’ll really like Evologie, though, it’s very gentle! 🙂

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