Enhance Your Home Spa Day with Evian Brumisateur!


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I know, I know, so many of you think it’s “just water,” right? Would you believe me if I said that was wrong?

Well, a while back, I reviewed the travel size of the Evian facial spray. I, too, used to think the same, that it was “just water.” Until I saw the beauty advisors at Sephora constantly using it. It seemed that every time we have gone into Sephora, someone is spraying Evian. We’ve asked them about it several times, and the general consensus is that it’s just so versatile and easy to use that they can’t help themselves.

Evian is different from other facial sprays or waters because the micro droplets create such a fine mist. The unique balance of minerals has resulted in a neutral pH for optimum skin benefits. Evian spray can be used prior to your moisturizer, as a setting spray, or even to rehydrate the skin and cool off after a workout (as I’ve been a fan of doing!).


I recently tried a new “mask primer” that I was unhappy with. A lot of people I know really liked it, so I remained curious about this type of product. Therefore, I was pleased to have the opportunity try out Evian Brumisateur mineral water facial spray for a home spa day because I knew I could use it as a primer before a mask.

When I started using tretinoin, I was advised not to apply it on wet skin, because wet skin would cause it to absorb deeper and more quickly, and result in more irritation. So, it would only make sense that wet skin would allow non-irritating ingredients to absorb better, too, right?


I decided to use the Evian spray with the new Nayelle Glacial Oceanic Clay mask. After I got out of the shower, while my pores were still open from the steam, I sprayed my face with the Evian spray so my skin could absorb the minerals. Then I applied the mask right over the water.  The Evian spray evaporated along with the moisture from the mask as it dried.

After I washed the mask off, I sprayed Evian onto my face again, then followed with my serum and moisturizer, and was left with soft, glowing skin. Overall, I was very happy and felt relaxed and rejuvenated after my home spa night, enhanced with Evian Brumisateur mineral water spray. Check it out at EvianSpray.com!

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