Em Cosmetics The Great Cover-Up Ultimate Concealer

Em concealer deep 1

This is an absolutely ah-mazing product!  But, I cannot take credit for “discovering” it on my own.

One of my absolute favorite bloggers is Isabella Muse from Musings of a Muse.  When I started blogging, I searched and searched (and searched) through many, many, many beauty blogs.  I wanted to see what attracted readers, the types of products that were being featured, and any other subjects that were discussed.   I also wanted to make this one at least somewhat decent, so I needed ideas.  I thought if I could find some great blogs, I could “borrow” concepts and make them my own.

For example, I found that many beauty bloggers didn’t just write about beauty, they wrote about other subjects once in a while, such as lifestyle, food, travel, etc.  So, we’ve included some fitness posts, as well as stuff about our various trips, meals and other topics.  I did, however, steal an idea from The Muse- I really liked the way she had mini banners on each post regarding “affiliate links” and “PR samples.”  It irritates me that many bloggers put this in tiny print at the bottom of each page, so I think it’s a bit untrustworthy.  I also noticed Temptalia does similar banners, but the way Muse has them, they fit in with her page and the disclosure is right there up front, so there’s no misleading of readers.

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I also found that Muse is somewhat of a nerd; and as a Trekkie, that made me like her even more.  She’s not fake, she’s very real, and I trust her opinions.  Anywho, getting to the point, as for the concealer- I had been looking for a darker concealer for contouring my nose.  I’ve been using the Kat Von D and Tarte contouring palettes, but it’s summer in Louisiana, and I have oily skin.  I also have very sensitive eyes from having a stroke, so I HAVE to wear sunglasses.  This never fails to rub the contour off my nose.

I decided it was time to try a concealer, then set it with powder contour.  After reading Muse’s review of Em Cosmetics The Great Cover-Up concealer from Michelle Phan (found here), and noticing that she has mentioned multiple times that it’s her favorite, I had to give it a shot!  I usually prefer a more purple-based shade for contouring, but with summer here, I opted to go with something warmer, and chose the Em Cosmetics “Deep Warm.”

Em concealer deep 3

Although a concealer with a wand may have been better for contouring, especially the nose, I actually do like the tube packaging.  Often, concealers with a wand can dry out quicker because air is constantly being “pumped” in with the wand being reinserted.  The tube does have a squeeze tip, so it can be applied right to the skin, and brush used to blend.  I always use a brush or sponge to blend my wand concealers anyway, so the tube wasn’t any more trouble than I initially expected.

Em concealer deep 2

The formula was just as Muse described.  She has mentioned having drier skin, while mine is oily, and it still performed very well.  The consistency wasn’t runny and thin, but it wasn’t so thick that it was sticky or “globby.”  Since I didn’t use it as a concealer, I personally cannot attest to its ability to cover imperfections.  But, I CAN say that it applied easily, blended easily, and it didn’t make me greasy or oxidize.

I still had to do a little touchup after a few hours, but my contour lasted a LOT longer using the concealer and powder to set.  Now I’ll probably order this in more shades, definitely a winner!

Em Cosmetics The Great Cover-Up Ultimate Concealer retails for $19 for 0.30 oz. and is available at emcosmetics.com.