Ease Eczema, Psoriasis, and Scalp Issues with derma e Plant Powered Non-Prescriptions

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Flip-flops, popsicles, the beach… I’m SO looking forward to the summer weather ahead! Unfortunately, those with eczema or psoriasis may not be so excited. Jerry has an area near his right elbow that constantly seems to “flare up.” I tried to get photos, but it was really difficult to capture the scaly texture. Not only is he self-conscious about the unsightly appearance, but the hot weather down here in the South tends to aggravate the condition.

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So, when I told him about an opportunity to try Psorzema Crème from derma e, he was game! We both have our own separate Platinum memberships at Ulta, so we’re very familiar with the brand. We’ve tried several derma e products, and have never been disappointed. So, Jerry was pretty confident that he would see results from this trusted company.

derma e was a pioneer in this particular niche of skincare. Back when kale was still just a garnish, and there wasn’t much attention given to internal health affecting appearance, derma e was at the forefront of eco-friendly, natural skincare (derma e, 2016).

derma e’s plant-based “non-prescriptions” fuse together powerful vitamins and plants using modern science. Additionally, they have the highest possible standards when it comes to our impact on the planet, animal welfare, etc. (derma e, 2016). With derma e’s effective, doctor-developed products and socially responsible ethos, it’s no wonder the brand is loved by so many consumers!

derma e’s Psorzema Crème helps reduce redness and encourages healthy looking skin without coal tar, pine tar, or steroids. The natural blend of ingredients, including Neem, Burdock, Bearberry, and Vitamins A and E, helps to safely soothe dry, irritated, scaling skin (derma e, 2016).

During a clinical study of derma e Psorzema Crème, participants not only experienced relief from eczema and psoriasis symptoms, but there were overall improvements in the look and feel of their skin as well. 96% felt the formula was very moisturizing, 92% felt it was soothing, 88% said it made their skin look healthier, and 72% noticed a reduction in itching (derma e, 2016). With such impressive results, Jerry couldn’t wait to get his hands, and elbow, on this product!

So, the problem with his elbow is that years ago, he started developing a thickened, rough, scaly patch. He has other areas that are affected, but not severely enough to require treatment other than a really good moisturizer. If he doesn’t exfoliate, the rough scales “catch” on his clothing and other objects, and his skin kind of tears and gets really irritated. So, the only thing he can do is to deal with the patch by sort of gently exfoliating. This helps with the scales, but then the area becomes red, inflamed, and itchy. It’s basically an unending, annoying cycle.

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So, about the product! The derma e Psorzema packaging is aesthetically pleasing and easy to spot on the shelf. The only negative is the jar packaging. In order to maintain stability and prevent degradation, products with antioxidants should be packaged to minimize exposure to light and air (Kaur, Kapila & Agrawal, 2007). There’s also a matter of introducing bacteria by constantly dipping one’s fingers into the product. Despite this, the cream can be easily transferred to another container, or you can use a spatula to get the product out to prevent contamination. So, no big deal, don’t let this deter you from an amazing product!

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Jerry was really impressed with Psorzema Crème. He liked that it wasn’t greasy, and that unlike other creams, it didn’t stink! He noticed that it was pretty much unscented, so if you’re sensitive to fragrance, you shouldn’t have any problems. He said it was easy to apply and spread, and it absorbed quickly without any stickiness. While he can’t attest to long-term effects, after using the Psorzema Crème for a few days, his patchy spot is softer and feels a lot less irritated.

Derma e elbow after

Overall, this is a fantastic product; it’s gentle, yet effective. If you or someone you know suffers from the effects of psoriasis or eczema, I would definitely encourage giving derma e Psorzema a try- I think you’ll be pleased with the results.

If you don’t see a YouTube video above, click here.

In addition to the Psorzema Crème, Jerry also evaluated the Psorzema Body Wash, Scalp Relief Shampoo, and Scalp Relief Conditioner.

Psorzema Body Wash

Psorzema Body Wash is a face and body cleanser that helps soothe scaly, flaky, itchy skin. Key ingredients are Neem, Burdock, Bearberry, and Vitamins A and E- NO coal tar, pine tar, or steroids!

derma e psorzema body wash

The first thing Jerry noticed when he tried derma e Psorzema Body Wash is the texture and smell; the consistency was thick, almost like a cream, so it was very soothing. And no stinky smell! So many products for skin conditions have a medicinal smell, whereas this was just fresh.

Every so often, I break out with idiopathic urticaria- in other words, I get itchy hives for no known reason. So, I’m pretty sure derma e Psorzema Body Wash is going to come in handy for me, as well!

Scalp Relief Shampoo & Conditioner

derma e Scalp Relief Shampoo and Conditioner contain the same great therapeutic Psorzema Herbal Blend; which consists of Neem, Burdock, and Bearberry. Salicylic acid helps lift away surface build-up and excess flakes, tea tree helps reduce bacteria, and menthol calms itch.

Well, neither one of us really has any problems with dandruff. But, every once in a while, Jerry gets a few flakes. As for me, there have been a couple times when my urticaria affected areas near my hairline, particularly on my neck. This is where the menthol will come in handy!

derma e shampoo and conditioner

The great thing about derma e Scalp Relief Shampoo and Conditioner is that they’re sulfate-free, so even if you have colored hair, you’re good to go! Sometimes, though, Jerry has an issue with sulfate-free shampoos because he’s old-school- he has to have lather! He had no complaints with derma e- despite being sulfate-free, the shampoo lathered great…lol!

The Scalp Relief Conditioner left Jerry’s hair soft and silky, without any heaviness. However, if you’re in need of deep conditioning, this probably won’t do the trick, but that’s okay, because you don’t want to use something really heavy every time you condition. Plus, you can always use a deep conditioner or hair mask right after using the derma e.

To top it all off, derma e Scalp Relief Shampoo and Conditioner, like the body wash, don’t stink! Unlike some other dandruff and scalp formulas, there is no weird chemical smell- so no more feelings of dread when it’s time to hit the shower!

derma e Psorzema and Scalp Relief products are available at health food stores and dermae.com.

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