Current Obsessions: October 14, 2015

Yet again, two of my three obsessions for this week revolve around food!  I must be REALLY hungry!

Hog jowls– My continued apologies to my vegetarian family members and friends, but I can’t help myself.  I am a meat-eater.  Being from Iowa, I just gotta have that steak and pork, and my mouth just waters at the sight of fresh-cooked hog jowls!

hog jowls 1 hog jowls 2

Sephora Multitasking Contour Brush- Jerry has actually been obsessed with this brush for several weeks, ever since Amanda A. at the Shreveport Sephora Inside JCPenney talked about how awesome it is.  Well, this weekend, there was a special event being held to promote the Sephora brand, so it was the perfect excuse to buy a new brush (or two, in my case).  Since Amanda was off, I got this from Brendan D. at the Bossier City Sephora Inside JCPenney.  Muchas gracias to both of you!

It’s the perfect shape for multitasking, you can use the broader side for bronzing larger areas, and turn it if you want a more narrow effect.  Easy-peasy!

multitasking brush 1 multitasking brush 3

Hooters hot wings and beer- Yes, I am obsessing over Hooters wings, again.  This time, though, because one of our fave gals has returned-  Aspen Q. had worked as a hostess ever since we started going there, and then became a Hooters Girl.  She left to work at another job, but now she’s back and even more fabulous than ever!

aspen jerry me

What have you been obsessing over lately?  Scroll down to comment below!





    • I use it all the time now! I don’t know how I lived without it!!!!!!!

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