Current Obsessions: November 2, 2015

Blue Lipstick

I used to be very conservative with my makeup. Then I started shopping at Sephora, and got a bit more bold. When I started this blog, all Hell broke loose! It’s interesting to see how people react. Of course, there are haters, but then some people respond very positively, and others don’t even notice!  In these photos, I am wearing Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Echo.

blue lips 1 blue lips 2

Frozen Eggnog

Down here in Louisiana, there are drive-thru liquor stores. Yep, you read that correctly- drive-thru liquor stores. You can even get ready-to-drink daiquiris, “Spicy Icees” (Icees spiked with whiskey), etc. There is one particular liquor store here, called Maggio’s, that has the best dang eggnog I have ever had. I don’t buy these drinks very often, but the eggnog is only available during the winter months, so they tend to get more business from me during this time!  (MUA Jenna fell in love, ran away, got married, had a baby, so now she doesn’t live here anymore and can’t get this eggnog whenever she wants… she can look at this picture now whenever she wants one… *insert evil laugh here*)


Maggio’s frozen eggnog with nutmeg- be jealous, Jenna, be very, very jealous…

All Things Halloween

Halloween is my favorite holiday. While we weren’t able to dress up in costume this year, we got to see a lot of people who did- and some of the costumes we saw were absolutely amazing!  Sephora and Hooters really got into the spirit- we had so much fun seeing the creativity.  Unfortunately, the Bossier City Sephora was really busy, so I didn’t get a chance to get photos, but they had a fabulous masquerade theme.  At Hooters, even customers showed up in costume; one of the best we saw was someone dressed as Amy Winehouse!


The witch and the lion at Sephoraween Inside JCPenney, Shreveport, Louisiana

halloweenhootersrachel halloweenhootersbethcaroline

halloweenhooterscustomeramywinehouse halloweenhootersjwcaroline