Contouring Made Easy with NARS

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I’m Aleut (Eskimo), and I’ve always hated my wide jaw, and my nose is kind of flat and weird.  Ever since I was a teen, I always did some sort of contouring with makeup.  I’ve always been artistic, even had an art scholarship, so I guess I had a natural understanding of light and dark.  It was a bit more difficult to find products when I was younger.  In the eighties and nineties, contouring just wasn’t as big of a “thing” like it is today.  I often used the right shade of foundation, along with one a few shades darker, then used a lighter powder to highlight certain areas.


When I met Jerry in 1996, it surprised me that even he knew about contouring!  He was in metal bands in the eighties, and he also did photography.  He did his own makeup, and often did makeup for the subjects he was photographing.  So, I ended up getting some great tips from him.

Imagine our surprise when recently contouring all of a sudden became a “thing.”  I also didn’t realize how confusing the concept could be for most people since it was something that came naturally for Jerry and me.  But, it’s really not that difficult- I promise!  True, there are some methods that are more involved, like using multiple shades of foundation, concealer, and “baking,” but there are also some really easy techniques, too!

Not only is NARS one of my favorite brands, one of my fave products for contouring is their Laguna bronzer.  As much as I love Too Faced’s Chocolate Soleil bronzer, the NARS Laguna is more user friendly and easier to blend.  This isn’t surprising, though, considering Mr. Nars has always seemed to have a penchant for contouring- even long before it became such a “thing.” 🙂

NARS contour placement

For this look, I started with NARS Pro Prime Pore Refining Primer, then a foundation that was a bit too light- I used NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint in Groenland, followed by NARS Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder.  Then I used the Laguna bronzer on the sides of my face, around my hairline, and just under my cheekbones.  I also contoured my nose, putting bronzer on the sides and at the bottom.  I used NARS Orgasm blush on my cheeks, then NARS Orgasm Illuminator to highlight my cheek bones.  Since I used a foundation that was too light, I didn’t really need to use a highlighting powder.  You can click the banner above or below to check out all the fab goodies at NARS!

Other products I used were:  Tarte Rainforest After Dark palette, NARS Pro Longwear Eyeliner in Via Veneto, Diorshow mascara, Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche lipstick in Radish, Studio Gear Velvet Matte lipstick in True Nude.  FYI- I used the Laguna bronzer in the limited edition Virtual Domination palette, but it’s available separately on its own.

Tarte Rainforest 1

Tarte Rainforest After Dark Palette

Thanks to the magic of makeup, I can give myself a face shape that I’m happier with!  Happy contouring!

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