Clarisonic Gentle Hydro Cleanser

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This non-foaming cleanser is enriched with green tea, cucumber, and panthenol to gently remove makeup, dissolve impurities, and purify the skin without irritation.

When I received several Clarisonic skincare products to try, I was really excited. I wasn’t really familiar them, and didn’t know how effective they would be. I love my Mia 2 device, but there was a nagging question in my mind- did they put as much effort into the skincare as they did the devices, or were they just an “afterthought?” The verdict? I was actually impressed with this formula.

Clarisonic Hydro Cleanser 1

For the past few days, this is the ONLY cleanser I have used. It is important to note that if you like a lathering cleanser, this does not foam up. In most cases, sulfates are responsible for lather, and they can be very irritating. It also has a scent- I’m not quite sure what it is, but if it were a candle or air freshener, it would be called something like “Rainforest,” “Meadow Fresh,” or something like that. I really liked the fragrance, it’s very fresh, and I prefer products that have some sort of scent. If you don’t like scented products, though, it may be a bit much. However, it dissipates quickly.

I used this both with and without my Mia 2. Since a foaming cleanser is usually part of my routine (I double, sometimes triple, cleanse), it took some getting used to. I normally don’t feel as “clean” if a cleanser doesn’t foam or leave my skin “squeaky.” The routine that worked best for me was the following: In the evening, I rubbed the cleanser all over my face prior to showering, just like I would do with a cleansing oil. Once I got into the shower, I added water and massaged it around. After showering, I wet my face again, applied a dab of it to my Mia 2, and did my normal cleanse.

Clarisonic Hydro Cleanser 2

While my skin wasn’t “squeaky,” It definitely felt CLEAN, but not dried out or tight. I did, though, have to use a toner to ensure all traces of makeup were gone. I never had sensitive skin before using Retin-A. I could use the harshest products and my skin was just fine. Now, my skin is a bit more sensitive. Also, I get dermatological treatments regularly, such as glycolic peels and micropen treatments, which make my skin temporarily more sensitive. I had been using First Aid Beauty’s Face Cleanser afterward, but this is even milder.

While I will not give up regular cleansers, overall this was a very gentle, non-irritating cleanser. It will be perfect for when I’m having irritation issues. If you have ultra-sensitive skin, you may want to give this a try!

Clarisonic Gentle Hydro Cleanser retails for $25.00 for 6 oz.