Celebrate in Style with DaJosie Co. Stemless Wine Glasses! #WineIsFine


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Did somebody say “wine?”

Omg, you guys, I got the cutest wine glasses! They’re from DaJosie Co., and they have nautical-themed graphics that are super-duper fabulous!

If you’ve been following our blog, or watching our “wine time” videos, you know wine is one of my favorite things, and so is the beach (see this post). We also love traveling (just not the process of getting from point A to point B…lol), so these glasses fit our style perfectly.


The set of six modern, stemless glasses have fun graphics, including a mermaid, anchor, compass, ship, lighthouse, and sailboat. The neat thing about each glass having a different graphic is that if you’re having a party or get-together, there’s no confusion about which glass is yours.


As you can see in the photos, these glasses just look so stinkin’ fabulous! Wanna know something else? They’re shatterproof. That’s right- they are NOT made of glass! I’ve bought plenty of dollar store drink ware, and you can tell they’re cheap, with obvious seams, etc. While there’s nothing wrong with “cheapo” glasses, sometimes you want something nice and high-quality, especially if you need to give a gift, or if it’s an occasion. The DaJosie Co. glasses look expensive, and they look like glass or crystal. I was simply amazed when I took them out of the box, even Jerry was impressed.


Since they’re shatterproof, you can use these light weight glasses by the pool, on a boat, take them camping or on a picnic, whatever you want. Yet, they still look fancy-schmancy enough for your indoor party or holiday celebration. Plus, they’re microwave and dishwasher safe, so no worries there.

With the holidays here, the DaJosie Co. stemless wine glasses would make a great gift for that discerning wine or travel aficionado on your list, because they’re practical yet sleek and classy at the same time. At less than $40 for the set, they’re also easy on the wallet.

If you yet need another reason to purchase, a portion of the profits goes to Lollipop Kids Foundation, an organization that benefits children with disabilities. How can you say no to that? You can check them out at dajosieco.com. Now, you’ll have to excuse me, I’ve got some wine to drink!


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