Catallica Pet ‘Em All Tank Top from Teequote

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Hey everyone, hope you’re all having a super-duper Sunday!

I got the most bada$$ tank top!

When I was a kid, we always had kittens and cats.  They were outdoors, Mom didn’t want them inside.  Turns out that was probably a good thing since I’m highly allergic to certain pets- usually ones that are outdoors a lot, because they pick up all sorts of pollen and other allergens.  When I’m around animals like this, I get extremely sick.

So, I’m really excited when I’m around someone’s pet that’s mostly indoors, and bathed regularly, because I get to play with them.  One of my faves, though, is my sister’s giant manx, Butthead.  No, she didn’t name him that.  His previous human named him, and when he passed away, my sister and nephew adopted him.  (I get to visit them all soon, woo-hoo!)

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As a fan of rock, especially heavy metal, I’ve always LOVED Metallica.  I mean, what metal fan doesn’t, right?  When I was a kid and all the other girls in my class were going to New Kids on the Block concerts, I was listening to metal.  I still, to this day, prefer metal to “froo-froo” music.

When we got the opportunity to partner with an EU company called Teequote and show off this awesome tank top, obviously, I was SO excited!  It combines two of my faves- Metallica and Butthead the manx!  Teequote’s “Catallica Pet ‘Em All” tank top is a spoof of Metallica’s legendary “Kill ‘Em All” album cover (see it here).  Pretty damn swell, huh?

Don’t like cats or Metallica?  No worries, Teequote has a vast assortment of design options- everything from humor, politics, religion, careers, music, sports, entertainment, hobbies, even patronus and Game of Thrones!  They do high-quality screen printing on all sorts of items, shirts, hats, etc.  The thing I like is how fast they are.  Unlike other screen printing companies that take weeks to even make your item, Teequote does it right away.

Catallica Pet Em All Tank 3

As soon your payment clears, they print and ship your order the next day.  It only takes about two weeks for an order to arrive in the U.S.  I’ve ordered from screen printing companies here in the states, and it took them over three weeks just to print the t-shirt, then it took another two weeks or so for it to arrive after being made.

This means that even though your item ships from the EU (for a very reasonable price), you receive your item in just over two weeks, instead of nearly two months (or more).  The shirt I got is very good quality fabric, not thin and cheap.  The graphic is vivid, crisp, and placed perfectly.

This is easily going to be one of my most worn tank tops- it’s already a fave!  Get your own at

If you don’t see a YouTube video above, click here.


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