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Happy hump day, everyone!

I hate to make you guys paranoid, but I’ve been “identity thefted” three times, that I know of.  It’s no fun!  The first time, I was in Vegas on business, so thank goodness I had a backup card with me.  I’m pretty sure that incident was a certain disgruntled acquaintance, but the other two incidents were more of someone skimming, or obtaining my info electronically.

This really sucks because most of us don’t have stacks of cash just sitting around for incidents like these.  While my bank acted VERY quickly and did an awesome job helping me out, it still takes a few days, at the least, to get anything done.  Then there are police reports that have to be filed, credit card companies called, waiting on new cards, etc.  It’s a big pain!

Needless to say, I’ve really started taking measures to protect myself.  The hubby is a “techie,” so he advises me when I need to order something online.  But, he can’t always ensure someone nearby isn’t trying to skim info from unsuspecting people, including me.

I’ve seen RFID wallets that prevent these “skimmers” from walking by and getting your card info, but I’ve never really seen any that I really liked.  Most of them are the bi-fold or tri-fold wallets that are used mainly by men, and fit into their pockets.  I don’t carry a wallet in my pocket, I keep it in my handbag.

BMoss RFID wallet 1

Most of the RFID wallets marketed toward women are of cheap quality, made of fabric, or too “froo-froo” for my tastes.  A company called BMoss has generously sent me an RFID wallet that meets my expectations, and suits my tastes, so I was excited, and relieved!

BMoss RFID wallet 5

The wallet arrived quickly (two days from Amazon!), and was packaged in a nice box, so it would also make a great gift.  The wallet inside was neatly wrapped in a cloth to keep the quality leather safe during shipping.

BMoss RFID wallet 2

This BMoss wallet is minimalist and sleek while at the same time being trendy and stylish.  It’s also very versatile, so it will be a great fit with most of my handbags.  It’s made of black cowhide leather with a tan closure, and two snaps so it can expand a bit if you tend to overstuff your wallet like I do…lol!

BMoss RFID wallet 3

The two zipper compartments, 16 card slots, and an open pocket are perfectly suited to my needs.  I can stash coins, bills, my check register, and cards comfortably in the wallet, and easily keep everything neatly organized.

BMoss RFID wallet 4

Overall, I’m very happy with the BMoss RFID wallet.  It’s high quality, looks fab, and makes me feel protected.  I’ve shown this wallet to several people, who thought it was just a luxurious, expensive wallet, they had no idea it actually served a utilitarian purpose.  Mission accomplished!

Don’t waste time, keep your info safe from skimmers!  Head over to BMoss on Amazon by clicking here, and order yours today!

BMoss RFID wallet 7

The versatile BMoss RFID wallet is very versatile, and looks great with most of my handbags.


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