Bionova Skincare Regimen: Before & After

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IMPORTANT: If you have not been following my Bionova posts, please go back and FIRST read Bionova: The Next Generation in Skincare, then read Bionova Nano Skin Tech: First Impression, THEN come back here!

After reading the aforementioned posts, you will know that Bionova is far different from any other brand of skincare. There are no plant stem cells from some rare apple that only grows on one tree on a lone mountain on the other side of the world. While “stem cell” seems to be a buzz word loved by the skincare industry, our bodies CANNOT use PLANT stem cells- they are useless to human cells. Think about when a person receives an organ or tissue transplant- their body does not recognize it as their own, so without medications, it is rejected.

Bionova uses ingredients that are “Hyper Natural.” In other words, they use ingredients that are natural to the human body, or mimic what the human body is made of. This makes absolute sense. But Bionova does not stop at just using hyper natural ingredients- they use the same nano- and pico- quantities that are in the human body. Additionally, Bionova’s products are customized according to skin type and what the skin needs.

My Results

Wow. I just look at my skin after using this regimen for 10 days, and wow.

I have been using Bionova for 10 days now, and I’m already seeing results. Jerry even noticed that my pores look smaller. He went so far as to hold up my “before” picture next to my face just to be sure. (It is day 11 as I am typing this, so it will probably be day 13 or 14 by the time this post goes live.) The products recommended to me by Bionova’s doctors are the Bioactive Cleanser for Oily Skin, Bioactive Mask for Oily Skin, and the Bioactive Cream Activator for Oily skin, all from the Bio 1 Act line; and the Anti-Stress Care for Oily Skin with UV Chromophores from the BN Science line.

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First and foremost, our skin is an organ, and it serves as a barrier. Therefore, it is important to treat it with care. Bionova views the skin as the organ it is, and instead of beauty being the goal, healthy skin is their goal. If your skin is healthy, it will be beautiful. After 10 days, discoloration is lessened, my pores look smaller, and my skin is more vibrant. I feel it’s necessary to mention that with any good skincare regimen, most people will experience a cleansing phase where the skin purges out toxins (see article and photo here). Impurities are pushed out, and you may break out, but this is short-lived and well worth it.

How did I get such great results? I followed Bionova’s instructions- I did what the doctors said to do (found here), and used the products as directed. While I tend to mix my skincare, for example, using a toner from Brand X, and a moisturizer from Brand Y, this is different. Due to the nature of their Hyper Natural ingredients, Bionova recommends that you do not use any other brands at the same time.


Does Bionova work? YOU be the judge!

Being a skeptic, with a scientific background, I seriously considered only using this regimen on half of my face, so the other half could serve as a control. But, alas, I opted to take before and after photos in the same exact lighting, with the same camera, on the same setting. The first photo is the one I sent to Bionova prior to using the regimen, for their doctors to evaluate. The second photo was taken after using the regimen for 10 days. I am not wearing makeup, except for some lip balm because my lips were so chapped. I have bought wine several times in the past few days, and I was asked for my I.D. every single time. Keep in mind, I have never had any cosmetic surgeries, and I am injection-free (no Botox, fillers, etc.). At 40, that makes me feel pretty darn good!

Surprisingly, Bionova’s products are priced very competitively. Their products used to be sold exclusively at Barney’s, but they have recently developed a line for You can purchase a trial kit, with the products I used, for as little as $51.00. But, don’t let the word “trial” fool you. The products are SO concentrated that the kit should last you about two months.

Bionova also has an N1 Custom line that is fully-customized- no two people will have the same formula. After answering the doctors’ questionnaire and sending a photo (image evaluation will be available soon, on their new website), your own personal formula will be made within a day or so, and shipped to you right away. If you are not satisfied, they will reformulate it for you- they will even consult with you personally to ensure your happiness. The price? Remember that apple I mentioned earlier? There is a 1.7 oz. jar of “super” product sold by another skincare company with a retail price of $875.00, which is far more expensive than a 2 oz. jar of N1 Custom, fully customized with ingredients a human body can actually use.

I experienced such fantastic results, that I shamelessly enjoy looking in the mirror now more than ever. Bionova has asked me to submit another photo, and I will soon be testing out the N1 Custom formulation. I can’t even begin to imagine the results I will see, and I want to share them with YOU, so keep checking back!

The Bio 1 Act and Impact lines are available at Barney’s and directly from Bionova, and the N1 Custom line is available directly from Bionova. The BN Science line, along with trial kits from the Bio 1 Act line, is available at

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  1. Excellent blog post. I certainly love this site.
    Continue the good work!

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  2. This is so amazing. I’m going to order within the next couple days!

    • Hi 3catz! It sure is- and I’m so glad you’re going to get it- you won’t be disappointed!!!

  3. I read your supposed to use a toner so that the Ph is balanced in your skin and if its not balanced that your skin won’t look as fresh. Does Bionova have toner I can use?

    • Hi Beth! I’m so glad you brought this up! The Bionova Cream Activator (read about it here), which is used after cleansing, not only balances your skins pH, but also treats it. It essentially takes the place of your toner and your serum, so you save time and money! 🙂

  4. It looks like your skin has alot less discolor, did you use any lighteners or hydroqinone? Do you know if I can use kojic acid with this? I have some dark spots tha I would like to lighten.

    • Hi Sabrena! I didn’t use any additional lighteners- due to the nature of their ingredients, Bionova recommends that you do not use any other products at the same time. I would try it without the kojic acid, I think you’ll like your results!

  5. Way cool! Some very valid points! I’ve been using vitalite cream and it clogged all my pores up and made me break out. Even worse was that it somehow gave me dry patches to! I appreciate you writing this post plus the rest of the site is really good, I will probably put in an order with dermstore tomorrow.

    • Oh no! I’m so sorry you had a bad experience! I love the Bionova- it helps keep your skin clear, without drying it- my skin so soft!

    • Hello Anita! I stopped using Retin-A while using Bionova. Their doctors recommended that I stop using it in order for the irritation to subside. I also wanted to fully evaluate the effects of Bionova alone, without any other products influencing the results. 🙂

    • Hi Maddy! I know, right…?!?!?! Customer service told me the results were fast, but it was awesome to actually experience it first-hand! 🙂

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