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Hair removal through shaving, plucking, depilatories, waxing, and electrolysis can all damage the skin barrier, resulting in redness, sore spots, and ingrown hair. Any hair removal procedure has the potential to irritate the skin and cause inflammation (Bionova, n.d.).

Q’urFollica is one of Bionova’s personal care products based on nanotechnology. It contains a high level of proven anti-microbial agents, along with proprietary Nano-Complexes of antioxidants and anti-free radical scavengers. Users have reported a 92.5% improvement in hair follicle inflammation, a 96.7% restoration of skin appearance, and a 100% elimination of burning and itching (Bionova, n.d.).


Photo taken from Bionova’s Q’urFollica Fact Sheet

Q’urFollica is perfect for use on sensitive skin, such as the underarm and bikini areas. It reduces irritation and burning, relieves razor bumps, enhances the skin barrier system, assists in healing, and the effects are long-lasting (Bionova, n.d.).


I am obsessed with hair removal- I can’t stand to have stubble on my legs, underarms, or bikini area- so I shave daily. I also get waxed on my regularly, so I have always benefitted from post-shaving products. I had been using Shaveworks The Cool Fix, which I love, but it stings. A LOT. I liked the results so much, though, that I was willing to put up with the stinging. Now I don’t have to anymore!

Q’urFollica has a clean scent, kind of like their Nano Skin Tech products, mixed with candy. I tried this on my bikini area, underarms, and even on my legs. It soothed my skin immediately, without stinging or burning, and my skin was left very soft. I will definitely be tossing this into my handbag next time I go to the salon to get waxed!

Bionova’s Q’urFollica is available on the Q’urFamily page, just click the “Shop Now” link.

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Bionova (n.d.). Q’urFollica Fact Sheet. Bionova, Inc.




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