Bionova Nano Skin Tech: First Impression

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I have been absolutely wowed by this company. I actually approached them first- their products were sold exclusively at Barney’s, and I’ve always been very impressed with the products I’ve ordered from there. I was very curious about Bionova and wanted more information, so I asked to be on their email list. Their customer service went beyond the call of duty. They provided in-depth information, and responded very quickly to every communication.

Bionova’s products are customized. Some lines are custom to age and gender, while the N1 Custom line is fully-customized- no two individuals will ever have the same formula. The products consist of a base, to which they add the active ingredients required. The Bio 1 Act and Impact lines are available at Barney’s and directly from Bionova, the N1 Custom line is available directly from Bionova, and the new BN Science line is available at

Bionova’s customer service provided me with the following information:

Bionova skincare is very different from anything else on the market. Their active ingredients do not include oil, animal or plant extracts, minerals, or anything that is foreign to a human body. All active ingredients used are in the same composition that is found in a human cell. A single molecule cannot deliver results. A molecule must be supported and influenced by other substances and work in accord for results to be seen.

Bionova skincare utilizes bioactive ingredients, called “Hyper Natural,” that are naturally found in the human body. These Hyper Natural ingredients are placed into a Nanocomplex, which is composed of 60-90 Hyper Natural ingredients. All of these ingredients are in the same tiny nano- and pico- quantities that are produced by the body naturally. Because of this, there is no interruption in the body’s natural processes and no side effects- just amazing results.

Bionova does not advocate forceful exfoliation, as this can damage the skin’s barrier system. The skin exfoliates itself naturally, and does not need a change in speed- to do so can affect elasticity as well as result in dark spots and more. Another concept that is so different with Bionova is that they do NOT advise using traditional sunscreen products; not only do they fail to protect against cancer, but they can suffocate the skin. This in turn affects the skins ventilation and weakens its defense system, which can negatively impact the whole body. Instead of traditional SPF products, Bionova uses UV Chromophores, which not only protect against UV rays, but also protect against cancer. However, they still believe the best protection is a wide-brimmed hat and covering your body from 11:00 am until 3:00 pm.

Bionova advises that you do not use any other skincare products in order to get the best results from their regimen (Bionova, 2015).

Bionova asked that I please let them know if I would be willing to commit to trying their products. Heck, yes!!! Having been a surgical assistant and Deputy Coroner, I have a vast interest in science. So, of course I would be willing to commit and do a test drive with something as different, innovative, and scientific as Bionova.

Lifestyle & Product Recommendations

Bionova asked about my skin type, and again, customer service was absolutely stellar. When I told them about my skin, they responded very quickly, and wanted details. Every little thing matters- health and medical conditions, medications such as birth control, environment, temperature, humidity, gender, age, weight, all these things have an effect on your skin; and they want to know these things. They also asked me for a selfie with no make-up on.

I sent them an email with my details and a selfie attached late at night. I received a response the next morning that they would be forwarding the information and photo to their doctors for evaluation. The same day, in the afternoon, I had a response from their doctors!

Our skin is the largest organ of our bodies, and it serves as a barrier. It’s important to also ensure your lifestyle habits are conducive to health, as well as using the appropriate products.

Bionova’s doctors provided the following recommendations:

-Using tretinoin can be irritating to the skin, and cause sensitivity. The doctors saw signs of rosacea in my photo, and recommended that I stop using tretinoin if I want the irritation and sensitivity to subside. In keeping with their recommendation, I am going to stop using tretinoin while I am using Bionova, because I want to be able to fully evaluate the effects.

-No cigarettes, or at least significantly reduce them. I am not worried about the internal effects of cigarettes, because I do not smoke. However, I am going to try to avoid being around second-hand smoke even more than I usually do.

-No, or very small amount of, caffeine. This will be somewhat difficult. I only drink coffee once or twice a week, but I do tend to drink a lot of diet pop. Cutting caffeine out completely gives me a headache, so I have been trying to reduce this as much as possible.

-No chocolate. What…?!?!? No chocolate…?!?!? I do love chocolate, but I don’t eat a lot of it. This won’t be so difficult, it’s just the idea that I shouldn’t eat it that will make me want it…lol!

-No spicy food and no fast food. THIS is the most difficult of all. I very rarely eat fast food, but I LOVE spicy food (I live in Louisiana)- red pepper is my best friend. Nevertheless, I have been trying to select other options and will continue to do my best with this.

-No hot or warm water on the face, only cold or lukewarm. This is true for anyone; hot water can strip the skin of its natural moisture. Although I love a scalding hot shower, I’ve been using lukewarm water on my face.

-Reduce makeup as it can clog pores and negatively affect the skins metabolism. This will be very difficult as a beauty blogger- but I do use non-comedogenic products for regular wear. I also try not to wear any makeup at all on days that I am not testing a product or doing something for the website.

-Never go to bed without washing the face with cleanser. This will be easy. I haven’t gone to bed without washing my face in years. I don’t even use cleansing wipes- I fully wash my face with cleanser every single night.

-The products the doctors recommended for me are the cleanser, activator, and mask for oily skin from the Bio 1 Act line, and Anti Stress Care for Oily Skin with UV Chromophores from the BN Science Line (Bionova, 2015).

Now, I can’t guarantee I won’t cheat and eat something spicy every now and then, but doctors give their advice for a reason. And I want the best results possible, so I’m doing everything I can to follow all the recommendations provided by Bionova.

Shipment & Products

Not only is Bionova quick in their communication, but they ship fast. The products were at my door within three days of receiving the doctors recommendations. These people are very caring and service-oriented. The products were shipped in a very sturdy box, with paper packing material- no annoying styrofoam peanuts falling all over. Each box was carefully wrapped with a foam sheet, and taped neatly, almost like gifts! As it states on the box, Bionova’s products are produced on demand– so they are very, very fresh. You don’t have to worry about getting product that is old or about to expire. It doesn’t get any better than this!

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The product packaging is superb- it’s not fussy, but it’s very sleek. The products themselves are well-protected by velvety foam inside the box, ensuring they arrive in perfect condition. I also like that they include a full sheet of instructions with ingredients, application procedures, and other pertinent information. Despite providing very thorough information, Bionova actually encourages you to contact them if you have any additional concerns. When a company is so approachable and willing to help, it is much easier to achieve the desired results.

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I also like that the labels on the products are very easy to read and clearly communicate what is inside. The only negative is that I’m not usually a fan of jar packaging. Not only is there a possibility of the ingredients degrading when repeatedly exposed to air, but there is a sanitary issue when constantly putting ones fingers into the product. However, as I mentioned previously, these products are all customized (some more so than others), so Bionova produces all products on demand. I’m not sure it would be cost-effective, or that they could get the products produced and shipped as quickly, without the jars. Since everything is so fresh, I don’t think this is a huge problem, especially if the products are stored properly. Additionally, they include a spatula so you can get the product out in a sanitary manner.

bionova produced to order sm

As for the liquid items, the Cleanser and Activator, I LOVE the bottles. Cobalt blue is my absolute favorite color, so of course I think these are great…lol. Even if blue was not my favorite color, these bottles are perfect. Some pumps dispense too much product, some too little, but these provide just the right amount per pump, and they are very easy to use.

So far, everything about Bionova has been fabulous. Again, since their products are so different, there is no possible way I could talk about them in just one post. I can’t wait to tell you about my experience using the products, so keep checking back!

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Bionova (2015).  Personal correspondence.  Bionova, Inc.






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