Bionova N1-Custom Results: Before & After

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DRUMROLL PLEASE…….  Oh my gosh- if you haven’t tried Bionova yet, you are REALLY missing out!  If you haven’t been keeping up with my Bionova posts, it’s important to understand that their products are far different from any others on the market.  So, make sure you read Bionova: The Next Generation in Skincare, Bionova Nano Skin Tech: First ImpressionFully Customized Skincare from Bionova: You In A Jar, Bionova N1-Custom: I’m In A Jar, and Bionova N1-Custom: First Impression.

Bionova products, based on nanotechnology, come in several levels of customization.  The Impact line is customized by age, gender, and skin type; the new BN Science line, available at, is customized by gender and skin type; and the N1-Custom line is fully customized- there is only a one in 60-million chance that another person will have the same formula.  There is also the Bio 1 Act line, which contains cleansers and masks that are used in conjunction with the creams.

Bionova’s products contain no botanicals, oils, or anything foreign to a human body.  All ingredients either naturally occur in the human body, or are HyperNatural, and mimic what is found in the human body.  Make sure to read my other Bionova posts so you can familiarize yourself with the science of how these products work.

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I started out with lowest level of customization, the BN Science Anti-Stress Care for Oily Skin with UV Chromophores.  I used the Bio 1 Act Bioactive Cleanser for Oily Skin twice per day, the Bio 1 Act Facial Mask for Oily Skin once a week, the Bio 1 Act Bioactive Cream Activator for Oily Skin twice a day, and the Anti-Stress Care twice a day.  You can see my results from this regimen here.


After using the Bionova regimen for a couple weeks, customer service had me complete a questionnaire, and send photos for their doctors to evaluate, then my N1-Custom Facial Aging and Wrinkle Treatment was formulated and sent to me.  The final “after” photo below was taken on the 28th day of using my N1-Custom formula.  Customer service recommended I continue to use the BN Science Anti-Stress Care in the mornings, and the N1-Custom in the evenings.  This is because our skin does it’s most repair work while we sleep, so this is when I would get the most benefit.

After 10 days using the regimen with the BN Science Anti-Stress Care, my skin was drastically improved- it appeared much smoother and even-toned, and was no longer greasy.  After 28 days of using the Anti-Stress Care in the mornings, and the N1-Custom at night, my hyperpigmentation has continued to improve, my pores appear much smaller, and my skin just GLOWS!


The photo on the left is before; the middle photo is after 10 days using the regimen with BN Science Anti-Stress Care; the last photo on the right is after 28 days using the N1-Custom formula. All photos are filter-free.

Please keep in mind that I have not had any cosmetic surgeries or dermal fillers.  I had 20 units of Botox one year ago, and with Botox lasting 3 months, its effects have long ago worn off.  So, how did I get these results?  I followed the recommendations of Bionova’s doctors, and faithfully used the products as directed.  Due to the nature of the ingredients, it is VERY important that you don’t use any other products at the same time.  If you have any questions, their customer service is there for you- they want you to have great results, and will help you in any way they can.


Before and after, what are you waiting for?!?!

Bionova is truly the next generation in skincare.  They have a VERY loyal following, and it’s easy to see why.  Their products had been exclusive to Barney’s, but then BN Science line entered with enhanced formulation due to the using the 3rd generation of Nanocomplexes.  BN Science products contain the same HyperNatural ingredients, but are custom to gender and skin type, and have a lower price point than the N1-Custom.  If you are interested, but don’t want to take the leap into fully-customized skincare, trial kits are available at for as low as $51.00, which should last a couple months.

Bionova believes healthy skin is the most beautiful, so make sure to take care of it.  What are you waiting for?

Bionova Impact and Bio 1 Act lines are available at Barney’s and Bionova; the Sport and N1-Custom products are available from Bionova, and the BN Science and trial kits are available from

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    • Yes, they will send a coupon- it’s a great way to try out Bionova! I know you’ll love it!

  2. Your skin looks so good! I zoomed in on the picture and you really don’t have makeup on or use a filter. I will be ordering this right after the holidays.

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